Kickstart Your Day With A Weight Loss Coffee

It’s reported that 54 % of American adults drink coffee every day and, along with tea, it’s the most consumed drink after water in the world. There may be conflicting opinions on whether coffee is good for us or not, but it is said to help us lose weight. If this is true, then what are the effective ways to introduce coffee to our daily life to aid weight loss, and does it really help us during exercise?

The power of caffeine

Coffee contains caffeine which is the component linked to weight loss. Many diet supplements contain caffeine and it works by suppressing the appetite temporarily and stimulating thermogenesis, which allows the body to generate more energy and heat from digesting food. According to a study of over 93,000 individuals published in the International Journal of Epidemiology those who drank more coffee had a lower risk of obesity. As caffeine is a mild diuretic, it causes the loss of some water and often athletes use caffeine to increase energy use during exercise.

How to include it in your diet

It’s important to be aware of coffee laden with milk, syrups and sugar, as it is not going to aid weight loss. The least calorific form is black coffee, so ensure you brew the perfect coffee so you can enjoy it at its best. According to nutritionist Sarah Flower, individuals should drink coffee in the morning to aid energy levels and kickstart thermogenesis to burn more fat. As coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which stimulates the hormone epinephrine, it aids the breakdown of fat and it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. She also suggests limiting coffee intake to one or two cups a day so individuals do not become immune to the benefits.

Coffee aids exercise

There are a number of studies suggesting that caffeine enhances endurance performance, which in turn should promote weight loss. However, it’s not just the improved physical performance that coffee promotes, coffee acts as a stimulant which encourages alertness and boosts energy and burns more fat stores. Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system, which has been said to help make exercise feel less arduous when training.

Coffee alone will not rapidly allow you to shed the pounds, but there is some evidence that it can aid weight loss temporarily. Don’t load it with sugar and milk, try and keep it black for maximum impact. A hit of coffee may be just the motivator to go and exercise and it increases energy during exercise, so linked with exercise it should aid weight loss.

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