How to use weight loss motivation as the key to inner and outer complete transformation

If a loved one, such as your child, spouse, or parent is trying to lose weight, you should do the best you can to keep them motivated, and if you feel like someone needs to start losing weight, you should motivate them to start losing weight. Here are the top two ways to motivate people to successful weight loss

1. Understand their reasons for not embarking on weight loss journey

The number one problem people face when trying to motivate someone to start losing weight is that they skip trying to understand the real reasons why a person is reluctant to start weight loss. This makes the people in need for weight loss, resistant and reluctant to start their weight loss journey and makes them especially immune to weight loss motivation. The reason may be that they feel shy or ashamed while going to the gym and trying to lose weight in the same place as expert bodybuilders and models and people with perfectly sculpted bodies. They may feel out of place, and not up to pace in other forms of exercises, such as Zumba, yoga and other activities that can help someone lose weight.

2. Show examples of people who achieved weight loss

Another way you can motivate someone to lose weight is by showing them examples of other people who have transformed themselves by losing weight or becoming an example yourself. Usually when people see that losing weight gets rid of a lot of problems of other people, and how exercising and losing weight affects loved ones, they are more encouraged and more likely to walk the same path.

It is best that, if in a household where someone is trying to lose weight, after motivating them for so long, that there should be no temptations. For example, if someone is trying to lose weight, it would be wrong and unjust of you to eat their favorite food in front of them or have it lying around somewhere in the fridge or cupboard.

The worst thing a spouse can do is if one spouse is trying to lose weight, they set intimacy, romance, and affection as a reward for obtaining weight loss goals, or other goals related to losing weight. Instead of this affection and romance becoming a reward for the person, it has a demotivating effect and lowers the morale, and decreases the effect of any future motivation.

When the person you wanted to motivate starts losing weight, do not become overbearing and clingy about it. Give the person space and some free will. Try saying things to them that keep them slightly motivated, and be very low-key about your partner or loved one losing weight. You don’t want to over motivate them either, as that would mean they are closer to their goal weight than they actually are and they may feel less inclined to follow the path they are on or slow down the process.

If you are accompanying someone who is losing weight, and you seem to be progressing more than your “competitor” does not rub it in their faces. This could be very demotivating for them. This would make them want to give up what you both are doing because it’s not having the desired effect on that person. Always remember, that the things that work for one person may not work for someone else. So never compare your bodies, never compare what you are going through with someone else.

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