How to build self confidence

Self improvement is an inner process that is aimed at making a person happier and better in life.  It involves a whole lot of aspects such as positive attitude towards life, getting rid of negative habits and building a fulfilling and comfortable life.

It is critically important that each person gets to improve him or herself from all perspectives in life. One of the major sectors that majorly contribute to self improvement is the enhancement of self confidence. Self confident is that aspect that gives an individual an extra boost, courage, assertiveness and self esteem in order to face all the ups and downs in life.

Most people admire the attribute of self confidence and often associate the trait with major life successes.  A person who exudes self confidence walks shoulders held high without minding what other people think or say about one self.

The person is not affected by other people’s opinions, but instead, is comfortable with his or her normal self. Research shows that people of high self confidence live peacefully and are always bold on their moves. Many people are not born with the attribute of self confidence. Also, other people lose this attribute upon going through challenging situations in life.

However, self confidence can be grown and nurtured over the years, molding an individual into the character they choose. Self confidence is nurtured through continuous changing of an individual’s mindset or even their attitude towards life.

In a bid to grow self confidence, there are a few skills and tactics that would go a long way in helping quicken the whole process.

First and foremost, an individual should thoroughly think of all the situations and experiences they have gone through in life. There are both good and bad events that took place in the past. The good are meant to give one the relevant experience in life, since they are now at a better position to deal with the same situation, should it recur. The good experiences on the other hand such, good grades in school or promotion at work should help the individual appreciate his worth thus improving his confidence levels.
Secondly, a person should learn to focus on what they did and achieved. They should not just dwell on what they could have done but didn’t. if an individual learns to feed their memory with the positives in life, then it becomes quite easy for them to deal calmly with the situations that life presents.

However, if a person concentrates on the negatives, then he or she will always find it difficult to believe in his successes and will eventually have very low self esteem.

Thirdly, each individual should focus on strengthening their will power and self discipline. Self discipline is the trait that discourages one from laziness, procrastination and indecisiveness. It instead makes a person have the inner strength that pushes them to work a little harder, persevere the odds in life and patiently work towards success.

In the long run, the person ends up boosting his levels of confidence.
It is also important for a person to get to know about his strengths, weaknesses, talents and abilities. Everybody has got a talent; something they derive joy from doing and perform exceptionally well while at it.

Once a person has identifies his strengths, he can further work on them to build his character and as a result, he will always stand out among his peers. After critically analyzing these abilities, an individual should further seek to set small and realistic goals. The goals help to keep an individual in line, and upon achieving the goals, the confidence levels are highly boosted. As a result, self improvement is eminent.

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