Seeing our Lives Through our Eyes

Humans are born with some kind of image of themselves that determine what they do, how they interact, what career they choose etc. We are visual, hearing, feeling or environmentally aware people. What we read, what we listen to, where we go as a choice is what speaks to our lives as individuals.

 Watching as a Choice

When we watch certain images on television we tend to have images of the information etched in our minds for some time. A romance movie will cause us to either analyze our own relationship or want to have what is being portrayed on the screen. Adults know how to access these images and determine what to do with them. Children are more impressionable; violent images may want them to go and become violent in their relationships with their peers. Sexually explicit content will stimulate images that are not worthwhile for children of certain ages. Their level of maturity does not enable them to know what to do with them. I have heard of children who view such images and want to experience such things. In other viewings it is a challenge for them to relate to want is being watched, as it relates to their personal experience. Love and being hugged is not a normal experience for them.

Parents need to learn to change these perceptions for their children. Violence, whether watched, seen in reality, or experienced as the norm; will have them become violent in adulthood. Criminally versatile adults relate to violence as children based on their experiences. The same for sexually deviant behavior, as it relates to rapists. Many children, if exposed to sex too early may translate their behavior in this way, in adulthood. Some parents may be the one who has exposed their children to this kind of deviant life, and so their reality of life is torn, thus, not being normal.

Love as the True Reality

Christianity and true Christianity speak of love. “God is Love.” We learn love from the experience of love. Once we truly experience God’s love for us, we will be able to love. Another truth is physical contact. Hugging is important to feeling a sense of comfort. Parents who hug their children and let them know how much they are truly loved are able to see their children thrive as positive human beings. Knowing there is a loving home as well as family to relate and are a part of is very important. Using the television as a substitute for good parenting is not the answer.

Family time is important. Have a time when you all gather together and speak, share, play games and just be comfortable in each others company. This is good, as it helps to resolve issues that you may have, it helps to affirm your role in the family as well as boost confidences to face the world. Adult families may not have time every day to do so, but work out a schedule to have this time. Children will benefit from this kind of interaction at home, so they will better able to cope with things they will or may experience at school or generally.

These experiences are choices, how we choose to use what we know to be good or bad determine what we will become in life when we reach adulthood.

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