Working out when you are pregnant

Here are some things to consider when you’re working out during pregnancy. Although it is fine to exercise during the initial stages of pregnancy you’ll still have to cut back on some of the high intensity workouts since there will be times when you experience constant fatigue. You will also need to change your routines slightly to accommodate the changes you experience during pregnancy.

You may have to take more breaks during pregnancy since hydration is important during this stage in your life. One benefit of working out when pregnant is that you ease muscle pain and lower back pain, which is a common symptom during pregnancy.

Water Workouts During Pregnancy

It is okay to do water workouts when you’re pregnant because they’re not strenuous and these exercises have a calming effect on the body. Water workouts increase circulation in your bloodstream and it helps you build stamina and strong muscles so that you’ll be healthy enough physically when it is time to give birth.

Even Babies Benefit From Pregnancy Workouts

According to a study from the University of Montreal women who work out during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to babies whose brains are healthy. In the study two groups of second trimester pregnant women were examined over a period of time and the study concluded that newborns from the group whose mothers exercised during pregnancy had better functioning brains.

Walking Is Great During Pregnancy

Even as you get into the last few months of pregnancy it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon exercise altogether. You can go on walks for twenty to thirty minutes every few days or even every few weeks.  When you walk you boost cardiovascular health and the circulatory system so that your unborn baby’s heart and lungs will be healthy after he is born. To take the boredom out of the routine you can listen to music.

Workouts Relieve Pregnancy Related Stress

Another benefit of exercising during pregnancy is that it helps you relieve stress. Throughout the pregnancy you’re going to visit the doctors regularly, you’ll feel tired, you may experience a meltdown at times and there will be times when you’ll take your frustration out on your spouse. If you begin working out from the beginning of the pregnancy you can reduce some of the stress and live well.

Other Incentives To Exercise During Pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy has additional health benefits. They include a good night’s sleep, better breathing, boosts your metabolism, strengthening of  your muscles in the arms and legs, and a better time in dealing with labor and delivery. When you exercise you should wear comfortable clothing and do the workouts on an even surface such as an exercise mat.

Drink a few glasses of water in between workouts and give your body rest every few days. Finally, get recommendations from your doctor concerning the workouts and enjoy the exercise. Make sure you’re doing exercises that are safe and easy to handle.

Image Credit:  A Healthier Michigan

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