Self-Improvement; Always Cultivate Inner Beauty and Not Physical Appearance

Inner beauty has always been brushed aside for some reason and outer beauty used to determine a persons’ character, personality or intelligence. We judge with our eyes, so if someone is dirty or poorly dressed we make very bad assumptions about them. Our perceptions are skewed because we view or judge everyone based on us.

Inner beauty needs to be cultivated so as to see ourselves in a different or more positive light as well as translating this judgment to others. It is interesting to note; God in all his wisdom sees inner beauty as the pre-requisite for his judging of humans. He looks at the heart of individuals and not outer appearance; thus, His love is complete in all its many facets.

Cultivate Inner-Beauty to Develop Self-Improvement

Make a true list of your more positive traits as well as the not so positive. Sometimes we never consider things about us to be either good or bad. Self-examination although a personal thing, may be scary for some people to do. It is important to note, however; if you want to achieve self- improvement you need to know, understand and acknowledge all there is about you. The true list mentioned above is a list of positives and negatives we really know about ourselves. Starting with this information, you are able to see all the good about you there is, and really affirm yourself of them. Remember to not look at outer beauty as any of your better qualities, as this would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

As you watch the list grow on your inner beauty, it may be interesting to see there are many good qualities you have never considered about you that are true. Acknowledge them and give yourself a big compliment for being the good person you are. This is not being conceited; it is boosting your confidence so you are able to take the journey of self-improvement.

Choose your Friends Wisely

We were never created to be singular beings. God saw that Adam was the only human on earth during creation, and he gave him Eve. Our social world is made up of good and bad people. It is who we choose to be our friends that will be helpful on this journey of self-improvement. True friends will tell you where you are wrong and will help you fix these issues. They will support you during trying times as well as celebrate with you in your achievements. These are the people you want to have on your cheering team. Negativity will burst your developmental bubble and this is not what you want.

Since you have started this journey, you must remember to cultivate all your acknowledged inner-beauty traits. You will find once you continue to believe these traits about yourself you will see the many benefits they are. The thing to remember is to relax and just be you, as these positive inner-beauties were already a part of you. It is just the fact that they are highlighted, means they have become more focused on you.

This positive look at your self-improvement as it relates to your inner-beauty makes it an additional achievement in your journey.

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