Is There an Ideal Diet Plan ?

For anyone to believe there is an ideal diet plan for everyone, this is really not true. There is no one diet that is tailored for all. We are born with different metabolic processes which biologically may work as a general structure because we all have the same internal and external organs. However, our bodies break down certain food groups differently. Some persons have a fast metabolic system which breaks down foods and eliminates much quicker than others. Others have a harder time of this process as their system will store these food groups in greater quantities. They will put on more weight than the person whose system metabolizes faster.

What Should I Eat as a Diet

Dietitians will tell you to eat from all food groups, in moderate portions. This may work for all generally, as our systems do what it is designed to do for storage and elimination. There is another group of persons whose bodies eliminated and does not store much or any of the needed nutrients that the body requires, so they have to take more supplements to ensure a balanced intake of them.

Eating from all food groups is practical and workable, but consider those who are not able to afford most if not all the food groups. Nutritionist advises as a proper diet to eat from sea foods freshly caught, poultry, beef and pork that are range grown and grass fed, and vegetables should be organically grown. Eggs are to be pasteurized, but how many of us really understand what this means. Now this is really the ideal, but how many are able to afford these suggested products? Most of us utilize the local grocery and supermarkets for food and some may not even cook at home. It is easier to eat on the run or go to a restaurant for meals. Planning a balanced diet does not work well under these conditions.

Snacks, on the other hand, are another consideration. It is cheaper to have commercially manufactured snacks over fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Many commercially produced fruits and vegetables contain preservatives, but it is cheaper. So what do we do?

Considerations of a Balanced Diet

Economically it may be difficult to maintain a proper diet for most persons. Practically it may be possible to have the needed foods from the different food groups on some occasions. There is the need in these situations to plan carefully and while budgeting, consider putting most of these foods on the list. Then you will be covered as best as possible. Have water instead of carbonated beverages during meals, and have freshly squeezed juices if possible. If alcohol is a part of your dietary plan, cut the consumption to half. For example; if you generally have two glasses or more wine during dinner, just have one. This will help in cost as well as not have you dependent on so much alcohol at meals. A good recommendation is not to have any at meals, and just a small glass as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite.

The main thing to planning a proper diet for anyone is to know the nutritional benefits of foods we consume. It is not OK to just have what is available or what is affordable. With knowledge comes proper planning and budgeting, and this will help in our purchases and thus improve our dietary needs.

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