Understanding Self-harm in a Battle against Depression

Self harm can never be truly understood by people from the distance. This may come as a shock to the society and the family members themselves. People may think of several causes to this action based on what they know about the person. Well the truth is no one can truly understand it let alone find reasons for it. This can only be understood by the person doing the deed. The true question is ‘What leads the person to harm himself? It is again a not so certain topic, a vague and overly overemphasized topic.

Some studies have shown that self harm is most likely associated with depression. Self harm can be attributed to the strong urge of a person to temporarily lose sight on reality and focus on the pain he caused upon himself. But the real problem is that these people cannot separate their emotions and feelings from the reality of the situation. Strong mixed feelings may be all together experience by the person before and after he decides to self harm, most common of which is bewilderment, shame, relief and triumph.

Self harm is the intentional injuring a part of the body tissue. Due to the choice of expression by people of self- harm, it is commonly misunderstood as a form of suicide. But no, self harm is different from suicide and it is a way for people to express and deal with deep distress and emotional pain. More often than not, self harm does not come with suicide intent.

What do we truly know about self harm?

People may think that people who cut and injure themselves are seeking for attention. This may be true but have we given attention to the painful truth that they do so in secret. They are not trying to manipulate others or draw attention. They find it hard to seek help for the fear of shame and rejection.

Some may also think that these people are crazy or dangerous. While it is true that these people suffer from anxiety and depression, it is not entirely true that they are crazy or dangerous. For them self injury is how they cope. Self injury and pain become a big part of their lives that they forgot to live without it.

Most think that people who self injure want to die. They don’t. They are trying to cope with pain. This may help them in moving on through life.

Sad truth is that there is little we know of people who self harm but there we certainly play a big part in improving the quality of life for people who self harm.

What are the things we can do to avoid self harm?

For a person who suffers anxiety and depression it is most important to divert to the things that makes us happy. More so, we must take courage and seek for help from a friend or a health care professional.

What can we do to help others avoid self harm?
As we understand the gravity of these actions, may we reel on the things that we can do to help each other. A person from the distance may see a solution clearer than the person involved. We can greatly help them by helping them find other ways to cope and be there. Your company may greatly impact the lives of these people. Be ready to listen and extend a helping hand.

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