Top reasons to workout

Hello, guys!

We are designed by nature to know what it looks like to be strong. Shredded abs, beautiful biceps with a huge lifted booty. This is the image painted by social media. I have no doubt that people with those features are fit and lean, but you should not perceive yourself as weaker if you do not look as described. Strength comes from within and it cannot be accurately discerned if you are strong or not.

I lived a life of vanity where I strives after my physique. Meaning I was part of a bikini competition- can you get obsessed physically than that? I was working out for about 4 hours every day to increase my Alps slightly as well as losing some weight.

I dare you to think about this for a second.

Working out makes I sharper, stronger, smarter, faster, happier and less stressed. The reason behind my faithfulness to working out now is not because I am afraid of accumulating fat (old thinking), it is because I am appreciative of whom I become after the exercise. The people I relate with at work could feel my positive vibes and this infiltrates into how I creatively handle my business.

I refer to this as mind shift. Magical things happen when there is a mind shift.

My body experienced changes.

My body started building itself towards its best form because I go for fitness with happiness and not with angst. I do my working out with RIGHT REASONS in mind.

Now, when I work out, I am excited when I can do lower triceps push-ups and sprint very fast on the treadmill. I get the feeling of satisfaction reminding me of joy experienced as a child. I mean, whether the scales go down or not, or maybe the striation of muscles on my leg become more visible or not. NO ONE CARES!!! I don’t need a social media picture with a huge number of comments that says “your look good” so as to approve what i am worth! I am aware of my worth! Examine what I have been able to do recently that I cannot do just a few weeks ago!! This is what I call real strength which is awesome!

Guess what? When your focus is on the things that matter, like how enjoyable is sweating it out, everything will just start to fall in place. You will find your balance.

Sometimes, you may be complicating fitness too much with precise calorie counts, precise calorie burn and all of such crazy theories on how you should eat, what to eat and how you should work out. Do not be inundated with OVER INFORMATION.

The key is

Subscribe to a workout that makes you smile: it should be a nice experience you look forward to and not dread. Then do it as much as possible say 5-6 times a week.

Feed energy into your body: take note of the responses of your body to certain foods. DO you feel lethargic after taking such food? It means you need to stop taking such.

That is how to go about becoming strong in your own way. Strong appears different for everyone. Stop the comparison between yourself and others. Stop comparing between who you are today to whom you were yesterday.

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