5 lifestyle changes you can start Today

Starting a diet and exercise program can seem daunting, particularly if you also have a job and a family, but there’s no need to let that stand in the way of the person you want to be! There are many small, easy lifestyle choices that you can start implementing today that can improve your overall health and fitness. The first step is to begin with a healthy, attainable goal (like “lose 10 pounds). Then, under your goal, create a ladder of steps that you need to accomplish it.

Lose 10 pounds
Replace sweet and savory snacks with healthier options
Devote 20 minutes every other day to exercise
Use “downtime” at work for small exercise
Lose 5 pounds
Eat 100 fewer calories per day
Devote 10 minutes per day to cardio exercise
Sleep 30 more mins. per night

The ladder system helps you experience success at each rung, allowing you to accomplish small goals on your way to realizing your big goal. This not only keeps you encouraged, but increases the likelihood of achieving your goal! The goals you set should be achievable and not so demanding. Simple goals would encourage you to be more committed to them, unlike extreme goals, which are like to discourage anyone.
Each rung on this particular ladder also illustrates easy, small changes that you can make inyour daily lifestyle to feel better, happier, and fit. Sleeping just 30 minutes more per night will make you feel more rested, help you lose weight, and help you consume less caffeine, which will help your body systems return to normal. Devoting just 10 minutes to cardio exercise a day –whether it be on a YouTube channel, using a fitness app, or just taking a walk- is a step in the right direction to overall health and can leave you feeling energized and renewed. Many of us can easily cut out 100 calories a day simply by being more mindful of what we eat (consider using a calorie tracker app like My Fitness Pal).

From there, work to increase your exercise and instead of decreasing calories, swap your current snacks and meal choices for healthier, more nutritious alternatives.

Remember, it’s not all about losing weight. It is also about feeling your best so that you can be the best version of yourself possible, so set your goal, and customize your ladder today!A healthy lifestyle does not only help your feelings but also your health as a whole. Following the five simple steps would lead to great change in one’s health and fitness.

The five steps are result oriented and do guarantee you a change in your lifestyle and a complete overhaul of one’s health. The small things may seem negligible but the truth is they would help you a lot for anyone who is concerned about their lifestyle affecting their health. Follow today the five simple and small lifestyle changes and you will have a have a healthy life with reduced risk of many ailments.

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