4 Effects of junk food

Chips, burgers, fried chicken, ice cream and soft drinks, these are foods that have dominated this generation with an appallingly high population embracing them as real meals. Unknown to most people are the damning effects that come with consumption of such foods.

They can be devastating to one’s health and even bring about a complete lifestyle change. Conventionally, we have been cheated into believing that the only setback of indulging in junk food is weight gain and obesity. As it turns out, this is just the tip of the ice berg as it has more of these spanning from depression to (you read right) laziness and depreciation of intellect. Other effects of junk food are such as:

Bloating and puffiness
Junk food is primarily made up of useless components that add little or no value at all in the body. A major component of junk food is the excessive oil in which every other thing is fried in. Too much oil is directly linked to bloating and puffiness due to the inert nature of oil especially if there is too much of it. The oil basically covers the lining of the stomach and might have a blocking effect on the pores leading to accumulation of gas in the gut and consequent discomfort. It can also be caused by the excessive salt or sodium added to these foods causing the irritable bowel syndrome.

Eating too much junk food can slow down metabolism and uptake of nutrients making one frequently weak. This coupled with the effect of oil can render one sluggish and even lazy at times. This lack of driving strength can restrict one to one location such as their room or make them a ‘couch potato’. This has its own set of effects too since minimal movement and excessive fat and sodium effects can actually increase the probability of a stroke or a heart attack and a bevy of other lethal lifestyle diseases.

Obesity/Weight gain
Excessive fat coupled with protein and minimal activity have just one big consequence, it will add a couple or even a great deal of inches to your waistline. The dread for fatness is real. And inasmuch as nobody wants to be fat, they don’t make an effort to cut back on junk. Another aspect of weight that tends to be ignored is the accumulation of fat around delicate body organs such as the heart and the liver. Adipose tissue, whose function is to cushion these organs can have a stressing effect on the organ if it is deposited excessively. These will force the heart to overwork in its effort to pump blood and is likely to result into a heart attack.

Effect on appetite.
Consumption of junk food excessively is so bad that it has a confusing effect on the gut and the impulses that relay hunger to the brain. Serial junk foodies are never in control of their eating habits with feelings of hunger seemingly surfacing from nowhere in particular. They therefore overeat further explaining why obesity has become so rampant.
Other lesser but equally lethal effects include acne that would be caused by too much carbs and trans fats which add no value to the body. Junk food can also take a toll on one’s sex life due to reduced or diminished confidence in the case of ladies due to obesity and laziness in the case of men. It is advisable that a healthy balance between junk and essential foods be made to avoid all these effects.

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