Why visit the gym more while in your 20’s


Health and fitness is always an important issue when it comes to aging. Most people know the value of exercising and keeping fit but rarely practice this. It is important to take note that it is never too late to exercise. Latest research has shown that people in their 20’s reduce the risk of dying at middle age if they exercise regularly. Simple exercises like running or simply using the trade mill will ensure a healthy middle life.

The best part about the research is that it did not depend on the weight. Whether one is overweight or not simple regular exercises may increase chances of living longer. In most cases once a person hits 30 they tend to be sluggish when it comes to exercising. If one did proper exercises at their 20’s, all it will take will be simple exercises to keep you fit.

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy, who did the study, indicates that the more one exercises on the trade mill the more he or she reduces the chances of dying earlier. This includes dying from various other diseases like cancer or other heart related diseases. It is stated that for every extra minute you spend on the trade mill it reduces chances of death by up to 15 percent.

This research started back in 1985 where they used a group of around 4800 people who volunteered for the health research. This included people who had high cholesterol and blood pressure among other tests. All of the individuals were aged between 20 and 30. Murthy then stated that these are not common trade mill tests that were done. In order to ensure success and accuracy the volunteers were usually pushed to the limits when using the trade mills. He compared the tests to running up hill. Apparently most of the volunteers could only go for around 10 minutes. His analysis dictates that the more fit your body is the more you reduce the risk of dying from diseases including cardio vascular disease.

After 7 years half of the initial volunteers went for another test. The team later found out that for each minute less a volunteer stayed on the trade mill, it increased the chances of dying in the next 25 years by up to 21 percent and also increased the possibility of suffering from a heart disease by up to 20 percent.

They also did calcium test and actually got surprising results. When doctors want to determine whether you at a risk of any heart disease they tend to look at the calcium content in the arteries. The common saying is that the more the amount of calcium in your arteries the higher the risk of heart diseases. Murthy’s team was able to find out that no matter the level of fitness of an individual, calcium is still visible in the arteries. He simply stated that the less fit a person is the weaker the heart. This makes it easier for them to get heart related diseases. This is why you should hit the gym more while in your 20’s.


Source: NBC News

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