A Real And Achievable Guide To Self-Improvement

Forget about all the frauds who make untold amounts of money with their so-called self-help and guidance. When people hear the words self-improvement, they usually get an image into their head of a righteous, big-headed guru telling you that if you buy his book or pay to visit a speech of his, then he will somehow be able to ensure that you improve yourself and your life. The operative word being somehow.

Well, forget about all that. It’s nonsense conducted by con artists who want your money in their wallet and couldn’t care less about helping you to improve. Now, let’s talk about some real self-improvement.

Firstly, don’t just think about improving yourself. Absolutely not. If you simply try to think about improving yourself, you won’t get anywhere. All you will do is make yourself paranoid and depressed. You will have no way of telling whether or not you really are improving yourself, so again, you won’t be making any real progress.

Instead of thinking about how to improve yourself, actually do things to improve yourself. Set tasks for yourself to do on a daily basis, such as exercising more often, visiting a lonely and elderly friend or relative, taking time to read, spending time with your friends doing the things that they enjoy doing, spending time with your family, unleashing your creative side in the form of painting and crafting etc. By setting yourself tasks, you will gradually feel yourself becoming a new and improved person as you consistently exercise both your mind and body.

If you are looking to improve yourself in one specific area, then it would probably be best to focus all of your tasks on that specific area of interest. For instance, if you want to improve the way that you treat other people, then it will probably be worth your time and effort to participate in activities which involve social interaction and helping people less fortunate than yourself. This can include volunteering at a local charity, getting involved with events organized by your local community, keeping an elderly person company, or even going as far as to pass on your knowledge and wisdom to people who may not be as learned in certain areas as you are, such as teaching someone with little experience how to cook.

You will need to balance all this with your work life, and also to ensure that your work life is as productive as everything else. But honestly, if you really want to improve yourself, then if you do the things mentioned above, after a while, you will begin to notice a change, albeit gradually. It won’t happen overnight, it may not even happen over a month. You may, and probably will, have a while to wait before you notice any real change. If, for any reason, you don’t notice any positive changes in yourself, then be sure to talk to your friends and peers to see what they think. If they also don’t notice any changes, then it may be time to go back to the drawing board and to think your plan. But either way, good luck!

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