Living the Life of Your Dreams

“Success is 99% attitude and 1 % aptitude.”
-Celestine Chua

In a world where contentment is extremely rare, people rise above themselves to reach their dreams. Human as we are, we strive to have the best life possible. But as humans, we are not immune to the pain and disappointments of not getting everything that we want. Dreams are not easy to achieve. It is not freely given and it is not achieved without something in return. The way we wiggle our way out to our disappointments define the way we achieve our dreams. Big or small, it must not be forgotten. We may take time achieving it, it may include several fall backs but we must make sure that we will still live it.

In life, the people who are tagged as achievers are the people who believe in the power of their dreams. But what does living the life of a dream mean?  Well in its essence it means that everything is great and that our dreams can come true.. “We are living the dream”–our own dream. Not a dream of someone else or not a dream pushed to them by someone apart from themselves. Dreams and passions makes up a great portion of our happiness. Achieving it provides a benchmark on what our lives should be.

I once dreamt of being a doctor, a doctor of medicine to save lives and ease people in pain, to be there for a person when they are succumbing to their lifelong illness, and simply to be just there. It is the biggest dream I had growing up. On my road to being a doctor, I studied Nursing and finished it. As for being a doctor, I did not get it. There are a lot of circumstances in life that limits me in achieving that dream. And yes, most of us are just victims of circumstances, but the truth is there is something we can do about it. Not achieving this dream, made me dream of another dream and that is being a teacher. I started teaching at our local church and felt happiness every time I see the smile on my students face and every time they learn new things from me. So I decided to take up Education units and get a degree in Education. I will formally be a teacher when I get it and pass the licensure exam. I am on my way there and I am not stopping until I get there.

You see, a person can get unlimited number of dreams. You may fail in one, you may not start one, you may not finish on the other but you must not cease to dream. Never limit yourself to just one dream. Because when you fail at one you will have difficulties moving forward and end up not the way you are before you started dreaming. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Do not be afraid on taking new challenges and exploring the world to new dreams and establish the dreams that you will take on. Fear will limit you to reach your potential. Be fearless. Be hopeful. Be an achiever.

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