10 Benefits you can get with exercise

We all know that exercise is very essential to everyone especially to the seniors.  Old ones who still do regular exercise gets many benefits, it protects them from acquiring such diseases that are prone to their age. As we grow old we might experience changes to our body and health, that’s why when we were young we are advised to eat a balance diet, have a regular exercise or to be healthy as possible. But remember you are never too old to start a proper exercise that fits your age.

If you have medical issues or conditions like injury, arthritis, joint paint or heart disease you would need to visit your Doctor to get approval, but no one can stop yourself even your age, from getting this exercise. It can make changes to your life and make it better. Below are the benefits you can get with exercise:

⦁    Better-quality of balance and coordination.
⦁    Greater strength and tractability.
⦁    You can manage your weight rightly.
⦁    You will gain more confidence.
⦁    Decrease risk of falling down
⦁    Well-functioning.
⦁    Through exercise you can maintain fitness.
⦁    Prevents you from diseases or help you manage it.
⦁    Exercise helps with heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis pain, increase metabolism.
⦁    It can help you control your weight either losing weight or gaining weight.
If you want to start your basic exercise not too heavy not too light but just the perfect exercise for your age, first you need to get your medical clearance. It is important to evaluate or assess you, your health status for your safety. For adults, cardio exercise is good to be included in workout program. This will help reinforce your heart and lungs and it also protects the body from different health problems, especially those that can take place as a person age. Also, strength training should be in your list too.

This help manage back pain, relieve arthritis pain, and improve quality of life. Have Flexibility exercise in your list it is like having a full range of motion in your joints that make you easily bend and move without aching your back. It’s true that one the problem of an adult is balance. They lost balance making them difficult to stand and walk, thus, balance exercise greatly help old people to be still. A walk of 15-20 minutes few days a week will surely assists you with balance.

Workout can increase your worth of life and you don’t have to use a lot of time doing it to appreciate and feel development, it’s never too late, no matter how old you are you need to engage in exercise to stay healthy and maintain as much strength and functionality as possible. Here’s the thing, as we age we will loss strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance if we let it happen. Study shows that when older people lose their ability to do things, it’s not because they grow old nevertheless it is because they choose to do nothing or they have turn out to be sluggish.


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