How Senior Citizens Can Exercise Effectively

It is just as important for senior citizens to exercise as it is for younger persons and one of those reasons is because regular exercise helps them have better joint and cardiovascular health.

It is a fact that seniors are living longer today than in previous decades and this is because today’s seniors are better educated about their health and they’re taking the steps to live healthier lives. Exercise also has mental health benefits for seniors because it contributes to stress relief and it keeps their memory sharp.

Here is how seniors can exercise effectively and there is an article from regarding seniors and exercise.

Standing Workouts

To do arm exercises you would hold a small ball or dumbbell in your hands and then hold your arms slightly above your head. You would then make circles repeatedly with your arm in a clockwise direction. To do dumbbell squats stand with the feet a few inches apart from each other and hold the dumbells on each side. You would keep the arms on your sides while you slightly bend your

knees to do the squats. Another good idea is to do a few leg lifts.


An inexpensive and effective exercise for seniors is walking. Walk for thirty minutes to an hour each day for weight loss and stress management and if you get bored with your walking routine, ask a friend to walk with you or choose different places to go walking. When you walk daily you also improve your cardiovascular health.


Some seniors turn to dancing for exercise and dancing is excellent for improving heart health and weight loss. Avoid the high intensity dance moves if you suffer from asthma or another respiratory illness that makes breathing difficult. But light dancing helps seniors burn calories within hours.


Golfing is another great exercise for seniors and here are tips on staying safe while doing it. You want to start by doing some warm up exercises and your posture should be where you’re standing tall and straight and with the arms near the side. Never swing extremely hard as this causes a tear in the arm or shoulder muscles. Test out golf equipment before you make a purchase to avoid using poorly fitted tools for golf.


Swimming is a lightweight and relaxing exercise that you can do with your grandchildren or good friends. Practice water safety while swimming and don’t try to do all kinds of new swimming techniques if you don’t feel comfortable with them.


Seniors benefit greatly from exercise and as long as they do them safely, it should do them good. If it’s hot outside you should exercise indoors to avoid heatstrokes and dehydration. Drink cold water in between workouts and eat some carbs before you exercise because carbs serve as the fuel your body needs to stay energetic while exercising. Finally, always do stretches before and after you exercise. Avoid strenuous techniques when you exercise.

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