Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle After Your Heart Attack

After you suffered a heart attack you wonder how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle long term and you can do so with proper diet and exercise. Initially you will sense emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression and sometimes guilt for the things you did that caused the heart attack. If these problems plague you, talk with a counselor to help you overcome those struggles. One thing you should do is increase your fiber intake because it keeps the heart strong for years to come. Whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables contain adequate amounts of fiber.


Kick High Cholesterol Foods To The Curb

After your heart attack you should drastically cut back on your high cholesterol foods. These include high sodium canned and boxed foods, fried foods, junk food and fast food. Read food labels carefully and cook most of your foods from scratch since this is healthier than ready-made meals and processed foods. Cut back on your cholesterol intake by eating plenty of fish without the heavy cream sauces.


Get Moving Everyday

Exercise is also important after your heart attack and each day you should get in thirty minutes to an hour of exercise each day. Do a new activity daily to take the boredom out of your physical exercise. Some good workouts include dancing, swimming, yoga, pilates, squats, walking, and jogging. Be sure to drink water in between your workouts.


No More Smoking

The reason you should quit smoking is because there are numerous chemicals in cigarettes and cigars that damage the heart. Meet with your doctor to discuss effective methods of quitting smoking and remaining free from a smoking addiction after you get treatment.


Send Sugary Foods An Eviction Notice

If you have diabetes and recently suffered a heart attack, it’s time to stop excess consumption of sugary foods such as birthday cakes, candies, pies, and caramel popcorn made with high fructose corn syrup. When you eat too many sugary foods your blood pressure increases and this may cause another heart attack in the future.


Visit The Doctor Regularly

While it’s good to take responsibility for your health by using the above mentioned steps, you regular should still make regular visits to the doctor. You need to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and you need to find out how well you’ve progressed since the heart attack. Pay close attention to suggestions the doctor gives because it’s for your well being.


Get The Stress Under Control

Another thing you should do is manage stress better since it often contributes to heart attacks. Never take on more tasks than you can handle and end all relationships that are not working for you. If necessary, look for a less stressful job and start spending time with your family and friends. Go to bed at earlier times and don’t take your workload home with you. In conclusion, you can survive after a heart attack if you take assessment of your life and develop new habits

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