Stay Healthy And Fit All Summer Long

During the summer months, all the special occasions that we look forward to, barbecues, beach times, children at home, special occasions, vacations, and a host of many others, can easily allow us lose track of our focus on our self and our goals of staying fit and healthy. Doing some simple things can help you stay motivated to stay on top with your healthy lifestyle.


With the numerous exercise and lifestyle  we can  make a huge difference in the quality of our health today!


In order to help you keep the idea of fitness in your daily routine, set goals, even small ones. Make things fun. It’s a fact that most people who exercise doing some form of fun filled activity or listening to music endure much longer than those who consider it a hard task.


Taking a couple of swims in a refreshing cool pool is so much fun and beneficial to your body at the same time. A healthy swim for thirty minutes gives you both exercise and tranquility at the same time.


Delight in a fresh air filled bicycle ride with family or friends. This is a great form of exercise, but it also encourages quality time. Time well spent in the vitamin D filled sunshine which help keep your mood up. Studies show scientifically, that the sun, for ten to twenty minutes a day is vital to healthy minds and healthy bodies.


Have a outside house party with your family and friends. Fill it with dancing, everyone’s best liked songs, and have activities that get everyone moving. Everyone will have a blast and desire to do that again.


We should be able to drink plenty of water daily. Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking healthy and supple as well as give your organs the vital nourishment they need to work efficiently all summer long. Adding lime or lemon infusions into the water is a tasty way to get some flavor and still benefit from the water. Having a large glass of water before eating will give the most benefit and help you to eat less as well. The importance of water to ones healthy lifestyle cannot be over stated. It’s essential!


The food we eat should consist of mostly raw fruits and vegetables and almost NO processed food all year long. This is not to say that you cannot have the juicy barbecue food that was available during a special outing at a friends home. Don’t make a habit out of this one, but occasionally enjoy things you wouldn’t normally eat. If you do all you can during most of your time, an occasion treat won’t hurt.


While your children have movie night, use the time to jump on a stationary bike or treadmill with a friend. Having companionship in staying fit is also an important thing for many people. Walking your dogs is a great way to bond with your best friends as well as stay in tip top shape, as well as beneficial for your animals health too. Making use of your time you do have, and not wasting any of your precious time is key to staying fit all through every season throughout the year!

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