How to Get Rid of Your Emotional Eating

Do you often eat when you are stressed, sad, lonely and bored?

Do you hardly resist your favourite food whenever and wherever you see it?

Do you eat when you feel less satiety or not hungry?

Do you often reward your self with food?

Whats your answer to the above questions yes or no ?

Most of the time people ask this one question; how do I know that my emotion makes me over feed.

Emotional eating is one of the causes of weight gain when one eats as a way to soothe or suppress their emotions they tend to eat more even when they have a full stomach at the monent or not hungry, emotional eating gives room to crave for specific foods and that food alone tend to meet your desire at the moment.

But when people eats because they are actually hungry they tend to have various food options thereby reducing the tendency of picking on high calorie foods.


Emotions that cause overeating are triggered by major life events such as stress encountered in work places, health issues, harsh weather, changes in your daily routine etc.

Here are some of the ways to regain control of your eating habits

Learn to recognize when you are really hungry: set your clock, schedule your meal times in such that you can be able to know the next time  to eat, that way you can be able to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger if you ate a couple of minutes ago you are probably not hungry.

Know what triggers you to eat:

When you have the urge to eat take note of the situation, keep diary of what you eat, when you eat and what triggers you to eat for few days. When you review those days you recorded you will find out some negative eating habits that you may avoid to be able to regain control of your eating habits

Get rid of unhealthy foods around: Get rid of most high calorie comfort foods in your home this will help you to avoid falling back on those foods so, even if you consume some portion of the foods it will definitely not aid your weight gain.

Snack healthy:
Plan your snack, choose a low-calorie food such as vegetables with fat-free or un buttered popcorn, fresh fruit. You may alter your favourite recipe for the purpose of lowering the fat and calorie versions to see if that helps to satisfy your appetite.

Indulge in pleasurable activities:
Find some distraction whenever you have the urge for foods. You can treat yourself to a movie, meet friends, listen to music, read etc. Indulging in some sort of  pleasurable activities when you feel like your emotions will lead to eating will divide your attention towards emotional eating and your quest for foods.
These are some of the ways to regain control of  your eating habits. If you mistakenly give in to emotional eating, forgive yourself and start the next day.

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