8 Tips to stick with Weight loss Workouts

  1. Workout with an exercise buddy
    If you can be able to have someone to be with you and monitor your progress, will ensure that you work as hard or harder, than you need to to meet your goals.

2. Give your workouts some priority
It is very easy to book yourself up to be too busy that you don’t have time for exercise. Weight loss will wait until you have time, but it is most effective to schedule and stick to your workout schedule.

3. Daily feedback
Either weigh yourself daily, or use some other tool to get you the information that you need to adjust and conquer your weight loss objectives.

4. Move slower, but more calculated
Starting out too fast can lead to burnout and decrease your sticking power. It is far better to be consistent and slower than give up due to injury, fatigue, or trying to fix the problem too quickly.

5. Track your activity
It is important to track the amount of exercise and even number of steps that you do every day. This will give you the feedback and allow you to see how much you exercised, instead of trying to rely on your memory.

6. Prepare your own food
Diet is very important for weight loss and by preparing your own food, you have full control. Going out to eat is a good treat, but it can add calories, salt, and other additives in unknown quantities. If you can make the time,
prepare all of your own food with the freshest most nutritious food (that you know how to make – well).

7. Don’t drink your calories
All of the calories that you expended during the weight loss exercises can be erased by the amount of calories that you are drinking. Even if the drink is non-alcoholic, often they are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Opt instead for clear, pure water.

8. Beware of binging
Whether it is food or alcohol, drinking or eating to excess will add extra pounds and derail your weight loss goals. Sticking to your plan will help you to negate the factors that contribute to increased consumption of drinks or snacks.

Balance is the key to weight loss and you can use these 8 tips to help you achieve balance with food, exercise, sleep, hydration, and stress

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