Is it Wise to go on a Candy Diet ?

Don’t you just love eating candy? Then it probably sounds like a dream to lose weight by stuffing yourself with sweets only. But is this unconventional solution really worthwhile to give it a try? Sure, the candy diet looks ridiculous at first glance, but it Read More
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Safe and Fast Weightloss

Faster weight loss: How to do it safely Often when you are just starting to do weight loss exercises, you want results as fast as possible so that you can build up your momentum and keep the motivation high. There are healthy ways to accomplish Read More
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8 Tips to stick with Weight loss Workouts

Workout with an exercise buddy If you can be able to have someone to be with you and monitor your progress, will ensure that you work as hard or harder, than you need to to meet your goals. 2. Give your workouts some priority It Read More
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Exposing the link: Organic food and weight loss

With the increasing popularity, many people are gaining awareness on the farming methods involved in producing organic food. Essentially, the production of organic food does not include artificial or chemical elements such as pesticides, fertilizers, etc. As a result, organic foods are safer, healthier, and Read More
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Sleep And Weight loss

Can insufficient sleep make you lose or gain weight? for years sleep and weight loss has been an on going debate,it has now been confirmed that sleep play a vital role in weight loss. In one of the studies used on the comentary,110 men and Read More
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The Best Workout For Weightloss

The best workout that yields the most from the weight loss exercises that you perform, is the one that you burn the most calories, most efficiently, which also has a sustained calorie burn. The exercise style that best suits this is interval-style workouts – periods Read More
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What Causes Your Weight Gain

To be obese and overweight is an issue that have kept most folks from around the world conscious all night. People take one prescription or the other to lose weight but most of the time they fail to lose weight and sometimes when weight loss Read More
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The Art of documenting it: Track your weight loss by keeping a Journal

Every individual who has ever attempted to lose weight is well aware of how easy it is to deviate from the initial goal and stop halfway through. In some cases, the initial results are so overwhelming that their joy makes people forget that they still Read More
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4 Weightloss Myths

Myths are Myths For every person trying to lose weight the right way, there are scores of those wasting time & energy because of weight loss myths. Let’s take a look at, and debunk, 4 of these myths. Myth #1: Snacking Sucks Eating between meals Read More
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5 Eating Habits to Follow

If you research many cultures you will discover the different meals that are hard for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Whatever the meals there are some who have poor eating habits and some who eat properly as recommended by nutritionists. Being health starts with good Read More
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