Nutrition and Fitness for Self-improvement-What you need to know

It is pretty obvious that healthy eating coupled with physical activity is essential for a healthy happy life. Evidence has shown that eating well-balanced meals regularly and having sessions of physical activities have a positive impact on your life. This article has looked at nutrition Read More
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Want to End a Bad Habit? Stock Up on Post-Its

Bad habits are extremely difficult to break. More than 40% of people say that it would take a near-death experience to eliminate their bad habits, while 30% say a loved one’s ultimatum would trigger them to make a change. Even if you’re willing to improve Read More
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6 Lifestyle Challenges that Hamper Weight Loss

Are you struggling with your weight? Or just want to shed those fats and have that killer body. Fret not; you are going to learn about some of the lifestyle challenges that hamper you from achieving your goals. Weight loss is challenging if you don’t Read More
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How To Relate Psychology And Weight loss

If your mindset is wrong and you have not dealt with a few essential mental issues, no weight-loss program will work, because you will not follow it. The following mental components are key to a successful weight-loss program: Making a firm decision.Overcoming instant gratification needsSelf-esteemLimiting Read More
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Sprouts and microgreens, a nutritional guide

Sprouts and/or microgreens are the richest sources of proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chlorophyll that nature befits us, they are a type of superfoods. They are alsoknown to provide us with substantial health benefits more than raw fruits and vegetables. Sprouts Sprouts Read More
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What are the causes of acne and how to treat it

                                               Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski  What is Acne Acne is a skin condition which occurs on the face, neck, back and shoulders. The Read More
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Top Advantages of Exercise

Physical activities such as jogging, athletics, walking, all of which can be grouped as exercises are important to maintain one’s health at all ages for both men and women. Regular exercises are especially helpful for people who are usually involved in occupations that don’t require Read More
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How Keeping Healthy Habits In Winter Can Help You Beat Depression

Wintertime can leave us feeling hollowed out, tired, and disoriented due to longer nights and shorter days, and sometimes those feelings can lead to seasonal depression. For those that suffer with depression year-round, the coldest months can be a very difficult time to get through. Read More
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7 Ways to improve your life

  A book by Allen, J (2015) pointed out that humans are always looking for perfection, we are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives better than it currents is through the aid of various techniques. Places like the internet, seminars and Read More
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Food Science and How It Has Become Relevant to Your Health

Overview The new findings about processed food are now raising the question, “What exactly are we putting into our bodies?” Processed food has made its way into every aspect of our lives, and most of us cannot imagine what life without it would look like. Read More
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