Diets for controlling diabetes

Image(c) Skley Flickr   Eat your veggies, mothers always tell their children. That is due for a change, an enlargement, based on studies. The mantra now should be to not only eat vegetables but also legumes, nuts, fruits, and whole grains; doing so can greatly lower the progress of Type 2 Read More
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Ways you should not talk to your children about weight

Stones as well as sticks may break our bones but our names will hardly hurt us. Maybe not, but a taunt can and does affect a person for years if not for life. Such derision is especially hurtful and psychologically damaging if the insults come from family. As reported in Read More
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4 Healthy Pasta Noodle Alternatives

Pasta loving people beware: starchy, refined and processed white pasta is thing of the past. In the day and age where healthy food choices are the way of the future, it has become increasingly important to raise awareness of healthy substitutes people can replace in their diet instead of sticking Read More
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The Basics To A Fruitful And Healthier Weight loss

Weight loss generally refers to the act of slimming up to a given convenient body weight, shape and figure. To successfully carry on any weight loss process, you have to be socially, mentally and economically motivated by any factor around you. And that’s why we have to discuss facts about Read More
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In case you are obese in nature through genetic inheritance, limiting saturated fat intake can help a lot. In fact, it is applicable to people who have the tendency of becoming obese through genetic assumption. In recent study involving about 63 gene variants that have the tendency of being obese, Read More
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Beside the mark tips for weightloss

One said very right “Health is wealth” but today’s humanity is moving towards deskbound lifestyle that reduces the daily activity level to a great extent. Technology is an another reason which is serving cut and dried for e.g. Formerly people used to wash their clothes with hands, but today washing Read More
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10 tips about kids on diet

Should my kid go on a diet? It sounds quite ridiculous, right? Just the thought of making your sweet child lose weight, may seem absurd to you. After all, being a parent, you see that little boy or girl differently than any other. It is just your little angel, who Read More
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8 Tips to stick with Weight loss Workouts

Workout with an exercise buddy If you can be able to have someone to be with you and monitor your progress, will ensure that you work as hard or harder, than you need to to meet your goals. 2. Give your workouts some priority It is very easy to book Read More
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