Effective measures against the drug addiction

What is brought to mind when the word “drugs” is heard? Prescriptions that are vital to all medical conditions you, or anyone else may have? Harmful substances used to attain a high for personal enjoyment and feeling of pleasure? Such a word is not only universal, but so commonly used Read More
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Nutrition and Fitness for Self-improvement-What you need to know

It is pretty obvious that healthy eating coupled with physical activity is essential for a healthy happy life. Evidence has shown that eating well-balanced meals regularly and having sessions of physical activities have a positive impact on your life. This article has looked at nutrition and fitness and their benefits Read More
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Want to End a Bad Habit? Stock Up on Post-Its

Bad habits are extremely difficult to break. More than 40% of people say that it would take a near-death experience to eliminate their bad habits, while 30% say a loved one’s ultimatum would trigger them to make a change. Even if you’re willing to improve your life without a drastic Read More
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How To Relate Psychology And Weight loss

If your mindset is wrong and you have not dealt with a few essential mental issues, no weight-loss program will work, because you will not follow it. The following mental components are key to a successful weight-loss program: Making a firm decision.Overcoming instant gratification needsSelf-esteemLimiting beliefsSelf-love- Doing it for yourselfDealing Read More
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7 Ways to improve your life

  A book by Allen, J (2015) pointed out that humans are always looking for perfection, we are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives better than it currents is through the aid of various techniques. Places like the internet, seminars and books are littered with topics Read More
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Motivate You to a More Self-Improved You

Having low self-esteem is a very debilitating thing. It causes us to be doubters of our potential and we are generally in a mode of procrastinating. The effects of low self-esteem cause us to be low on the totem pole of life and this is never a good place to Read More
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Is Living a Luxury Lifestyle an Asset for Self-Improvement

Living a life of luxury does not mean having lots of money; owning an expensive car, living in a mansion, being able to eat at fancy expensive restaurants, and going on vacations twice a year. Looking at all the mentioned factors and scaling them down several notches while having good Read More
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How to Use the Power of Emotion to Succeed In Business

If you are looking to living a life that you have absolute control over, and that you have control, then it starts with mastering your emotions. Despite what happens around you, if you can have the capacity to dictate your emotions, then you possess one of the most important set Read More
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How to build self confidence

Self improvement is an inner process that is aimed at making a person happier and better in life.  It involves a whole lot of aspects such as positive attitude towards life, getting rid of negative habits and building a fulfilling and comfortable life. It is critically important that each person Read More
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5 Tips to control your body with your mind

Believe it or not, the state of your mind, goes a long way in determining the state of your health. Think about this, when a person falls sick, the first thing you’ll notice about them is that they look moody and downcast all day long. Healthy people rarely look that Read More
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