10 Ways to lose Weight and keep it off

I fought weight loss for a large portion of my life before really focusing on a sound way of life and losing 65 pounds. Here are ten sound judgment tips that helped me lose the weight and keep it off for good. 1. Get a decent weight scale. A decent Read More
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5 Things You Must Know to Lose Belly Fat Fast

At one point or another, we have all tried to figure out how to lose belly fat. This trouble area can be quite difficult to target for certain body types especially apple and pear-shape. Add a slow metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle to the mix and you might find yourself Read More
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6 Lifestyle Challenges that Hamper Weight Loss

Are you struggling with your weight? Or just want to shed those fats and have that killer body. Fret not; you are going to learn about some of the lifestyle challenges that hamper you from achieving your goals. Weight loss is challenging if you don’t have the know-how on what Read More
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How Keeping Healthy Habits In Winter Can Help You Beat Depression

Wintertime can leave us feeling hollowed out, tired, and disoriented due to longer nights and shorter days, and sometimes those feelings can lead to seasonal depression. For those that suffer with depression year-round, the coldest months can be a very difficult time to get through. As temperatures plunge, it’s important Read More
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Seeing our Lives Through our Eyes

Humans are born with some kind of image of themselves that determine what they do, how they interact, what career they choose etc. We are visual, hearing, feeling or environmentally aware people. What we read, what we listen to, where we go as a choice is what speaks to our Read More
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5 Hidden Culprits That Contribute to Weight Gain

If you’ve been noticing that your jeans are fitting more snugly and the outfits that used to be your favorites suddenly don’t look good on you anymore, there’s a good chance your weight might be creeping up on you. There are a few hidden culprits that can cause weight gain Read More
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Significant secrets behind the healthy lifestyles

Long time ago, we have been hearing talk about healthy lifestyles, their importance, and ways to achieve a better life. Currently there are countless methods and tricks for a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have discipline and desire to face the world with renewed health. Over the past decade, Read More
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Top reasons to workout

Hello, guys! We are designed by nature to know what it looks like to be strong. Shredded abs, beautiful biceps with a huge lifted booty. This is the image painted by social media. I have no doubt that people with those features are fit and lean, but you should not Read More
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How Parents Health Reflects in Children Health

Helping parents for making choices which are healthier for their families is the part of making this community more strengthening.For children healthy habits parents play an important role. What is served at home, kids learn that and aware of the healthy eating in their families. Healthy decisions about good nutrition Read More
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Effects of some Diets

Diet is the most important thing today in order to maintain the healthy life and to stay young for a longer period. No one wants to grow old, so early, but it all depends on the diet and what kind of food your body is consuming. Researchers found out that Read More
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