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    Important Elements of Physical Fitness

    Jan 31, 2018 · by Peter O · one comment

    It is everyone’s desire to have a body with abilities to function efficiently in work, leisure and resist diseases. To attain this, one needs to observe the following for his body to operate in this conventional manner as the way explained. Beginning with body composition, this is the relative amount of fats muscles and bones on the human bod. One’s body to be physically fit and healthy, it requires a just small proportion of fats. Therefore, availability of a lot of fats in the body means that one’s body is not fit. He should strive to ensure that he maintains his body health and fitness through fats level reduction.

    Still, body strength is another important element in body fitness and heath, this being the ability of muscles and bones to exert force, one need energy to bend, push and in doing other important days activities. Therefore, to be called physically fit and healthy he needs a given amount energy for this purpose. Related to energy is cardiovascular fitness, this is the ability for the respiratory systems to circulate enough oxygens to the body. For this matter, improved cardiovascular makes the heart to have an easy job of pumping blood hence good health and preventive of lifestyle diseases.

    Flexibility is the another important element of physical fitness Since body joints need to get stretched one can, therefore, get flexible through performing sit-ups and shoulder reach to keep various body joint flexible. Similarly, muscular endurance is also another important element to keep one’s body fit. This is enhanced by doing repeated tasks or performing sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups to keep the body free from fatigue after daily activities.

    Besides agility is another natural fact that one need to qualify to be physically fit. Being the ability for one to change direction very fast, it is essential since it helps in avoiding causing injuries during the time of work. Though some people think that it is only essentials for sportsmen, all people need it for the sake of proper movements and avoiding causing unnecessary injuries. On the other hand, balance is also an important element of physical fitness and body health. It refers to the ability to maintain equilibrium while on the motion. For this reason, one can enhance it through balancing and carrying out a test on the ground holding various body positions, testing can improve on one’s balance helping him from unnecessary falling while walking.

    Similarly, coordination is also a significant element that one need to be physically fit. It is the ability to use sense such as hearing and seeing among others. In this process, the body requires some movements, patterns and body positions to attain this scale of fitness. Therefore, people who want to play instruments, like drums needs this ability to function well during the time operation. Finally, power and speed are key as well to make one perform some tasks within a given shortest time possible, therefore, having abilities to make a combination of muscles helps one keep the body fit and healthy.




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