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    Nutrition and Fitness for Self-improvement-What you need to know

    Apr 20, 2017 · by Peter O · no comments

    It is pretty obvious that healthy eating coupled with physical activity is essential for a healthy happy life. Evidence has shown that eating well-balanced meals regularly and having sessions of physical activities have a positive impact on your life. This article has looked at nutrition and fitness and their benefits on self improvement.

    Nutrition and self improvement.

    You have to understand that the food choices you make each day will affect your health and how you feel today and every other day. Good nutrition contributes to a better mood, sustained weight maintenance, positive inspiration, increased energy levels, and, generally, heightened quality life.

    · Maintaining preferable weight.

    Many dieticians recommend a healthy eating plan involving many vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, low- fat dairy products, foods with low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol, sugar and sodium.

    Besides leading to lower incidences of depression, research has shown that maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart conditions.

    · Energy levels.

    Eating a well-balanced diet boosts your body energy levels. In the Washington Running Report’, nutritionist Rebecca Schritchfield pointed out that, sufficient levels of mineral iron in the body leads to adequate energy levels.

    Fruits and leafy greens such as spinach and kales are very rich in iron. Avoid fatty fried foods and instead consider stocking yogurt, low fat cheese, fruits, and nuts. Remember to drink a lot of water and moderate sugar and caffeine intake.

    · Good moods.

    Susan Biali, M.D., says in Psychology Today,’ that consumption of whole-grain carbohydrates, balancing the intake of lean protein, having sufficient Omega-3 fatty acids and foliates always help to improve mood. This, she says, may also help to alleviate depression.

    The carbohydrates lead to the production of the mood-enhancing hormone, serotonin. It is however advisable that you consider the intake of whole-grain carbohydrates as they have a more lasting effect on mood.

    · Positive inspiration.

    Did you know that practicing good eating habits can positively inspire the people around you? The “International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity” put it rather matter-of-factly that healthy eating and weight loss is contagious. While on your nutrition program, you can also help your friends and friends to work on improvement of their life. In the end, everyone is happy and positive, leading to a better, quality life.

    Fitness and self improvement.

    While nutrition is essential for a healthy body, physical fitness is also as important. Exercise is good for your and it goes a long way contributing to self improvement. However, it is important to note that nutrition is always king. Inadequate nutritional support can lead to poor recovery between workouts.

    Here are the benefits of keeping fit;

    · Prevents you from health conditions and diseases.

    Physical activities help in the production of the good’ cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein and reduces unhealthy triglycerides in your body. This helps lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease like stroke. Several types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and depression are also managed by regularly keeping fit.

    · Weight control.

    While keeping fit prevents weight gain, it also helps in maintaining weight loss. Engaging in physical activities burns calories and the more regularly you exercise the more calories you burn.

    · Research shows that keeping fit by doing regular physical activities leads to the production of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin.

    · Keeping fit also improves your endurance, muscle strength, and boosts your sex life.

    To achieve significant self- improvement from your nutrition and fitness program, you need to, first, be realistic. Know your body’s needs and limitations. Your nutrition and fitness strategy has to be strictly tailored to your needs. In interview WBFF fitness pro, Jen Jewell once said that, I have learned that a sensible, balanced approach with a variety of foods is what works for me. When I was attempting to shed of some of my body fat, I realized that I would be setting myself to failure out of the gate if I started a super restrictive meal regimen.

    A restrictive approach could work for days but I need something realistic and sustainable; I was done with unhealthy quick fix’ approaches’

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