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    6 Lifestyle Challenges that Hamper Weight Loss

    Feb 28, 2017 · by Peter O · no comments

    Are you struggling with your weight? Or just want to shed those fats and have that killer body. Fret not; you are going to learn about some of the lifestyle challenges that hamper you from achieving your goals. Weight loss is challenging if you don’t have the know-how on what to do about your way of life. Here are some of the lifestyle problems encountered by a majority of the populace.

    · Unhealthy dietary habits:

    Ideally, most people struggling with weight loss have poor eating habits. The list ranges from ingestion of junk food to the size of food portions and the frequency of eating. When you eat food which has a lot of sugar, that sugar gets converted to fat.

    This conversion gets orchestrated by a hormone known as insulin which helps your body store stuff. For you to efficiently manage your weight, you have to shed that sweet food. Eating unnecessary large portions of food translates to a large intake of calories, and where do they go? Apparently, the body will store them as fat. Meaning extra pounds.

    · Lack of exercises:

    Exercises involve such mundane tasks such as riding your way to work, taking a walk around your neighborhood, taking that staircase to your office and avoiding the lift. You can sign up at your local gym or simply do personal exercises, in the convenience of your homestead. Exercises help your body to burn those stored fats and calories.

    With the advent of technology, people have become a lazy lot, preferring to use any assistance which aid in avoiding the �inconveniences �of becoming tired. For you to shed off that weight, you have to shun that laziness and take some action.

    · Use of drugs

    The usage of some drugs can lead to weight gain. Let’s start with bad ones. If you have a knack for the tipple, you could are heading to the woods regarding weight loss. Alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories and sugar. Consuming a couple of beers a day can increase the amount of fat in your body. Alcohol and other harmful drugs are addictive and can make you have the habit of consuming them on a daily basis, hence sabotaging your dreams of having an ideal weight.

    Therefore, check on this if you are a habitual drinker. The other kind of drugs are the medicinal type. A Drug such as beta-blockers for heart conditions, steroids, birth control pills, steroids, some treatments for cancer cause some increase in weight. So, what action should you take? Visit your doctor and have him prescribe alternative medication to what you are using.

    · Some life conditions

    Conditions such as depression in one’s life can cause weight gain. If one is depressed or feeling sad or lonely, he/she can end up consuming a lot of fad diets. Anti-depressant medications also cause weight gain.

    Therefore, if you are using anti-depression medication and you want to fix this, you have to visit your doctor, who will wean you out, from using the drug.

    · Lack of motivation

    For you to efficiently lose weight, you must have that inner motivation. Most people do not succeed in their weight loss program due to this. Have a solid reason as to why you want to lose weight. Join a weight loss program, be it in a gym or home exercise program, have some set goals to achieve, from short-term goals for a long time one.

    Stick to your program to the latter. If you need motivation, find a mate with whom to work out with, and encourage each other. Focus on the positives. For example, if you wanted to lose 60 pounds, and you have lost 10 lbs, congratulate yourself for the 10 pounds lost and aim higher instead of focusing on the 50 pounds you have not lost.

    · Failure to meet the body’s nutrient needs

    Some lifestyle challenges such as failing to meet your body nutrient requirements can be detrimental to your weight loss dream. Your body will crave for foods which contain a lot of sugar, such as sweets to beat that energy loss.

    These sugary substances are a sure way of piling on some pounds as I had explained earlier. Aim to have balanced meals that contain all the nutrients the body requires. By following these, your weight loss will be hassle free.


    Having that ideal weight is everybody’s dream. Not only, will you avert diseases such as diabetes, but you will also move around with ease and accomplish your tasks efficiently.





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