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    How To Relate Psychology And Weight loss

    Feb 22, 2017 · by Peter O · no comments

    If your mindset is wrong and you have not dealt with a few essential mental issues, no weight-loss program will work, because you will not follow it. The following mental components are key to a successful weight-loss program:

    Making a firm decision.Overcoming instant gratification needsSelf-esteemLimiting beliefsSelf-love- Doing it for yourselfDealing with addiction elementsMaking a firm decision
    Instant Gratification

    The need for instant gratification is inherent in human nature and has been reinforced by modern conveniences and lifestyle. Convenience stores, credit cards, and mobile phones are just some examples of how our need to get immediate satisfaction and results get satisfied and reinforced. At many levels, we need to relearn the art of investing or sacrificing minor amounts now for greater rewards in the future.


    The answer lies in visualizing the future goal in a great amount of detail, with all the benefits that go with it. Make it as real in your mind as you can and experience this future reality daily.

    Self-Esteem Every addict or overweight person suffers from self-esteem issues and believe they are not worth being different. Get over that idea totally. You have to believe that you are worth the investment and are in fact a beautiful and talented human being and that you can make the best of everything you have.

    Limiting Beliefs

    Limiting beliefs in the context of food or dieting would include a subconscious belief that some harm will come to you if you do not have the food that you are used to consuming. You believe that you “need’ certain foods or certain quantities. This belief can trip you up. Believe what the diet program tells you to do. You will not suffer any harm, hardship, tiredness or hunger. Slight discomfort from a changed pattern is all that you will suffer. See it as a gift to yourself. Even if your food intake is halved, get over the mindset that says it is not enough. In fact, you will soon feel better both physically and emotionally. Do it for a while before you just fall back into your old routine.

    Another limiting belief that some people have is that exercise is hard and painful and not for them. Believe me, this is not true. Once you start exercising you will find out soon where your limits lie and you will be amazed at how soon those boundaries get extended with regular exercise. You do not have to overdo it and break into heart straining sweat-dripping, muscle tearing routines. Take it easy and challenge yourself just 10% more every day. You will find it is pleasurable, energizing and makes you feel good about yourself.


    Doing it for yourself
    If you are getting into the program like weight loss, do it for yourself, not to please anyone else! You need to love yourself above all else. Pamper yourself and treat yourself and your body with the utmost respect.
    Dealing with any habit as an addiction
    Addictions have physical dependency issues and mental and habitual issues. Believing that you need a mid-morning snack or a certain amount of chocolate or cheesecake at certain times is part of the habitual behavior. Anticipate these moments, and if it is outside your chosen diet routine, decide what you will do instead. Imagine the moment and choose that moment to remind yourself of the decision you have made and the future rewards you have promised yourself.

    There is much more to dieting than just limiting your food and doing some exercise. A good program designed by a person qualified in nutrition is essential, but you also have to take care of your own mental attitude, beliefs, and habits. If necessary complement the diet program with some hypnosis tapes or even engage the help of a therapist and tell him or her your goals for yourself.




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