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    7 Ways to improve your life

    Jan 05, 2017 · by Peter O · no comments


    A book by Allen, J (2015) pointed out that humans are always looking for perfection, we are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives better than it currents is through the aid of various techniques. Places like the internet, seminars and books are littered with topics on improvement.

    There is certainly no shortage of information out there. As helpful as these techniques are in helping people grow and improve, it is the strength within that makes the biggest difference in helping people deal with their own individual problems because not everyone goes through the same problems. The world is waking up and realising the fact that for one to have a better quality of life, they have to show progress and grow as a person. Here are the best ways to self improvement


    1.  Learn from mistakes

    Mistakes are the one thing that make us human and separates us from machines. One should not be afraid of making mistakes. The most important thing is learning from them and not repeating them again. One does not have to learn from their own mistakes alone, learning from other people’s mistakes is also helpful.


    2.   Stay motivated

    Life is rough for most people especially in 2016 making hard for them to stay upbeat and motivated. Setting goals and working towards them is the perfect way to stay motivated in life.


    3.   Commitment

    Making a plan and sticking to it is very difficult for most people especially when there is a setback. Life is not a bed of roses all the time, it is a bumpy rise full of trial, huddles and tribulations. It is how we deal with these setbacks to out plans and not giving up that shows our strength and commitment to what a person is trying to achieve.

    4.   Set realistic goals

    There is nothing wrong in thinking and dreaming big however it is important for a person to set goals which they can achieve based on the resources that they have at their disposal. Setting goals which are not achievable or realistic can really bring a person’s confidence down stopping them from improving the way that they initially planned to.


    5.   Do not give up

    We are the masters of our fate and throwing in the towel is something that most people do especially when things are not going well in life. Not giving up is a very strong quality to have and it is helps a person stay focused on the end goal especially during sticky spells which can really bring a person down.


    6.   One step at a time

    The common mistake which people make a lot these days is trying to do too many things at one time. This is the wrong thing to do because it can bring about stress, mistakes, confusion, mental illness and even fatigue. Being properly organised and having good time management skills go a long way in reducing stress, fatigue, illness because the body is well rested which in return makes a person more productive as they try to improve.


    7.   Patience

    Rome was not built in a day and success does not come over night. When experiencing setback it is important to be calm and patient. Good things come to those who wait.



    Image: Dimitar Nikolov


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