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    Food Science and How It Has Become Relevant to Your Health

    Jan 03, 2017 · by Peter O · no comments


    The new findings about processed food are now raising the question, “What exactly are we putting into our bodies?” Processed food has made its way into every aspect of our lives, and most of us cannot imagine what life without it would look like. Processed food may be convenient, but it is not the healthiest option out there.


    The extra and synthetic materials in processed foods have been cited as one of the causes of obesity, and have been linked to several disorders (such as diabetes and heart conditions). The ingredients in these foods also negatively affect peoples’ metabolism, and have a generally lower nutritional value than other options. These effects are largely due to the added chemicals in mass-produced foods; these chemicals end up adding extra carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, as well as synthetic sweeteners or flavorings.

    In addition, processed food generally contains some type of unnatural preservative to keep food tasting fresh longer. Some foods are literally engineered to taste amazing based on different chemicals that are added, to encourage consumers to choose that brand over another. Even the packaging of these food items is misleading; many companies advertise untrue health claims on their labels. For instance, some food companies place “low fat” advertisements on their packages. The product may be low in one type of fat, but may contain several other types of fats in high amounts that can be equally damaging.

    How to Avoid Mass-Produced Food

    Due to all of the negative effects of processed food, you may want to start incorporating more natural and organic types of food into your diet. There are several ways to bring healthier food into your diet to improve all aspects of your health.

    Try buying your produce from local farmers who produce organic foods. They are not mass producers, and are much less likely to produce food with additives or unnatural ingredients. You could also try purchasing food from a farmers’ market, where you will find fresh, in-season produce from all over your local area. This food is almost always safe for consumption, as these farmers rarely add chemicals to their food.

    If you are unable to buy from a local farmer, there are ways to shop at the grocery store while avoiding the worst processed products. Try to avoid products that have long lists of ingredients, or products that advertise “artificial flavors”. Try to stick to the produce sections of the grocery store. While these items may contain chemicals, they are still a better option than most of the packaged snacks that are found in the other aisles.


    Processed food is incredibly damaging to your health and should be avoided when possible. To do this, try buying food from local producers who grow organic foods. After beginning to switch your diet to healthier and more natural foods, you will begin to feel more energized and see positive changes in all aspects of your health.

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