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    Some significant steps to fight against Vertigo

    Dec 13, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Have you ever experienced a feeling of dizziness or faintness that came out of nowhere? Those feelings are frustrating you and get you all edgy. It is possible that you suffer from vertigo, a well known condition when you feel like your head is spinning. It is only natural that you want to get rid of it any way possible.

    Previously you had to go to the doctor, probably buy some expensive drug which would only help temporarily, but now we know about that you can easy help yourself with some simple and easy methods at your own home..

    We define vertigo as an unpleasant feeling, something between dizziness and loss of energy. It is not necessarily connected with the fear of height You can have a vertigo strike even while you are sitting or standing on the ground.

    Vertigo can be caused by a hardened calcium deposits in one’s ear, if that is the case then it is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. You could have a Vestibular Neuritis or inflamed nerves which is recognizable by weakened sense of balance. If it is related to the fluid buildup in the inner ear it is called Meniere’s disese.


    Aniseikonia is a condition usually related to the short-sighted people. The problem is that the brain doesn’t get the real picture, but a confusing set of information, depending on the nature of eye illness, which results in Vertigo. Fevers, brain trauma or head injuries may cause vertical imbalance and dizziness.


    It is not impossible for a brain tumor to trigger the vertigo but only if the growth affects the inner ear which is rare because the inner ear doesn’t take much space in the skull.


    Lack of oxygen as well as decreased heart rate often causes vertigo, or lightheadedness, so if you know these symptoms you can easily avoid unpleasant and anxious feelings.


    The best way to recognize vertigo is when you don’t feel as if you are standing on a solid ground, if you are unbalanced and disoriented, a feeling similar to the effect that alcohol has.


    There are ways to stop those awkward feelings by using simple and known ingredients out of which the most famous is ginger. You can find ginger in every recipe, as a cure for many illnesses; you can drink a ginger tea, use it as a spice, or add to whatever you want. It is known for its digestive benefits as well as its positive effects on blood circulation. The reason why it is so effective is because it contains chromium, zinc and magnesium which are crucial for a normal blood flow.


    The other simple ingredient is Cayenne, which also improves blood circulation making the oxygen flow easily through the body, which makes the brain more energised and refreshed. This spice made out of red pepper besides helping with vertigo is known for its anti-flu, anti-allergen and anti-bacterial properties, as well as it supports weight loss promotes heart health and is a possible anti-cancer agent.

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