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    Motivate You to a More Self-Improved You

    Dec 13, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Having low self-esteem is a very debilitating thing. It causes us to be doubters of our potential and we are generally in a mode of procrastinating. The effects of low self-esteem cause us to be low on the totem pole of life and this is never a good place to be.

    We find our peers moving ahead in life and we are stuck in a grade that is going nowhere. There are self-improvement classes we can take, but even having taken them, it is up to us to want to take the steps to improve.

    Being too Comfortable with Our Life

    Our comfort zone is a place we hide from unpleasant issues or tell ourselves we can stay there. Being uncomfortable is one of the life’s many propellants to moving ahead. When you were in school, there were classes you did not like, but you had to take these courses in order to achieve your grades. The teacher will push and motivate you to success. Having done this, you came out of your comfort zone. This is a part of life.  Working at a job that requires you to take hard decisions is also getting out of your comfort zone; you have to do this in order to succeed. This helps in building your self-esteem and enhances self-improvement.

    Choose a Career you know you will Enjoy

    As a child, we always choose a career path which will help us to advance in life. Many persons will choose a career they know they will enjoy. It is believed in doing this you will perform it effortlessly and thus you enjoy working to earn. Some persons do not have this luxury, as they are in a system which allows them to take whatever is available. This position is the reality for most, as too few jobs are available; but we can use this position to our advantage. Having fallen in a job we don’t really like, we can find something about the job to motivate us. The mistake can be turned into a plus. Have you ever heard; “when you have lemons, make lemonade”? Well, this is a lemonade occasion. Look at the positives and use them to motivate you to do a job that is recognizable. You will feel better about you, and the job will not be so hard to do overtime. Many persons have done this and find their lives change for better, as they even help to motivate their boss into improvement.

    Read your Way to Self-Improvement

    Consider this; if you want to improve you, then you need to get out of your comfort zone. If you are not a lover of reading, then you need to consider the benefits of this pastime. Many persons have improved themselves just by reading a good motivational book. You can ask friends who are readers themselves to help you. They are able to help you practice the different chapter suggestions or points, and be your cheering squad. When you do a good job, they are there to celebrate your achievements.

    Self-motivation is a choice, at the onset; you will feel a bit out of your depth. This is OK, as we all find ourselves in this position sometimes. The challenge is what we do about it.

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