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    How to Use the Power of Emotion to Succeed In Business

    Nov 30, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    If you are looking to living a life that you have absolute control over, and that you have control, then it starts with mastering your emotions. Despite what happens around you, if you can have the capacity to dictate your emotions, then you possess one of the most important set of skills today. Whether you want to succeed in sports, business, education or any field, the minute you learn how to master the power that lies within your emotions, then you can be whatever you want.

    What you feel is determined by three forces in the world namely physiology, language and focus. When these forces are together, they create the form of emotions that you feel and go through. Whatever feeling you have in your mind is because of your own personal choice. In order to choose the type of emotions that you want in your mind or any life, you have to understand these forces.


    Emotion is a product of motion. How you choose to use your body determines how you are going to feel right now. If you slump your head and shoulders forward, you are definitely putting yourself into a state of depression. The next time you find yourself in such a situation, do not let your body dictate the situation, stand up, put your shoulders firmly, and take a deep breath. You will instantly realize that whatever it was that was putting yourself into a depressed state is no longer there, because you took control of your emotions.


    Language is manifested in different ways in our different lives. Whenever your mind is filled up with negative emotions do not ask yourself why it always happens to you, ask yourself how you can benefit or turn around the situation from a shortcoming to a benefit. That way, you are able to send a message to your brain that indeed the situation you are in is meant to help you prosper and not to pull you behind. You have just used your emotions to empower yourself.


    Energy flows where there is focus. Wherever you focus your energy on grows in one way or another. What this means is that your life depends a lot on where you place your focus and energy on. Fear is one of the most powerful forces in the world today. It dominates a person and makes them doubt themselves. It brings uncertainty in our lives and makes us believe that some things can only be achieved by certain people. The moment you resist fear, you will have kicked uncertainty from your life. You will focus your energy on where you want to go.

    In order to succeed in the world of business today, you must possess a high level of emotional intelligence and understand human relationships. You always attract what you send out there. Give your clients a sense of accomplishment whenever they conduct business with you. Build a sense of community all around of you. A community helps in bonding your clients and your team to each other. Most importantly, learn to respect each individual.


    Once you are able to have control over your emotions, you will realize that things start going your way. You will not have to shout at your employees when they make a mistake. You will not have to talk rudely to a client just because they chose a competitor. You will not have to sit at home all week just because you are making losses. You use every opportunity as a stepping-stone because you possess emotional intelligence.

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