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    Benefits You Get From Regular Exercises

    Nov 09, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Simple physical activities like walking, hiking, stretching, team games or just being outside in the nature are of great benefit to one’s own health.

    Modern life puts us in unnatural settings, such as offices and transportation and many others, making us change into sedentary beings which in turn have a lot of negative effects. Because of this people should spend more time in outdoor activities and exercise

    Although it is a known fact that exercise has many benefits few are courageous enough have a will strong enough to really start and dedicate some time for their bodies.

    As people differ, so do the exercises that should one do differ from one person to another. You should plan your exercise depending on your age and health in order to get the best results.

    Food is not the only fuel of the body. In order to get energy out of it, body needs oxygen. A lots of it, and by exercise you increase the oxygen intake making your metabolism faster and stronger. A lot of sitting slows the heart rate which in turn results in weaker circulation and less oxygen in the cells. By exercise we ensure that oxygen enters every cell in our bodies.

    That way we also affect our heart which in turn becomes stronger, more flexible and durable. With exercise we can improve hearts performance so that it pumps more blood with less strain, making it more effective.

    Not just that. The lungs are also improved by exercise. Since they are the main organ of the respiratory system it is of crucial importance for them to be active, and to perform the best possible way. Besides bringing more oxygen into the body, the effect of exercise is improving the expulsion of waste elements from the body.

    Because of the higher level of oxygen, as well as activation of the muscles, the digestive system works quicker and more effective. It helps throw out unnecessary food more quick, improves absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, revitalises the metabolism. If don’t have an appetite, try exercising a bit.


    In time it also strengthens the musculature of the whole body, making the joints more flexible, bones harder, reflexes quicker, air absorption better. Exercise is directly related to the one’s own feeling of satisfaction, calmness and inner peace, bringing better sleep, boosting self confidence and even helping in some sorts of anxiety and depression because regular exercise helps produce serotonin hormones (so called hormones of happiness)

    Exercise is good for the whole body and mind, and if done regularly it also helps people develop a discipline and self-respect, which is useful in every aspect of one’s life.


    It would be reasonable to start creating exercise habits in early childhood because sedentary lifestyle is especially harmful form the children. They need moving, physical activity because they are growing, developing; their whole bodies are in a constant turbulence that needs to be set free, and by avoiding physical activity, children tend to develop serious health issues .

    People should be somehow encouraged to partake in any kind of physical exercise, at whatever age or medical condition they are, because it will definitely benefit them.

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