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    How To Prevent Injuries During Exercise

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    We need to know the matrix of doing certain exercises in order to get the best out of the time spent at the gym or doing it at home. Not all exercises are for everyone, as our bodies are different in weight, strength, posture as well as health.

    The main thing is to ensure any exercise regiment we are following we are able to do the routine correctly. The injury is a very real issue for persons who do certain exercises wrong, and there will be more complications than help when this happens. Always elicit help by engaging a personal trainer who is able to train you at the level you need. If working out at home, ensure you really know what you are doing as this is very important.

    Basic Injuries During Exercising

    • Knee Injury
    • Foot and Ankle
    • Lower back
    • Neck and Shoulder

    Knee Injury

    Damage to our knees happen at the gym, but, they begin at the office. Well, you ask how? The thing is, we work at a desk all day never have the opportunity to have gravity do their daily workout on our bodies. Sitting at a desk and then going straight to the gym to workout is not good. Our bodies do not use our hips as much as we should during our job so going to the gym directly from work, we need to warm up to get circulation and muscles into the frame of mind to do the exercises we want. If we don’t, then the pressure will be on the knees to perform, thus causing injury. Improper shoes are also a contributing factor. Not because the name brand sporting shoes are being advertised means we must have them. Get your instructor to advice on the correct footwear.

    Foot and Ankle Injury

    Wrong shoes again are a contributing factor to this injury as well as bad working posture. If you are one who works at a desk all day then gravity does not do what it is supposed to for your bulk. Weight and the mentioned two situations will cause foot and ankle injury during a rigorous exercise routine. The challenge to prevent these injuries is to wear proper shoes that will balance your weight well when standing during exercising. The next is to ensure your routine is followed after doing warming up exercises. Good ankle support may not be a bad idea as well; using ankle wraps will certainly help in this regard.

    Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder Injuries

    These three injuries are definitely relatable to your job description. Anyone who has sat in a certain position for too long will notice having gotten up your lower back, neck and shoulders are sore. Now, translate this into going to the gym or going straight to exercising before warming up and stretching those knots, you have set the wheels in motion for injury.

    It is good to get up once in awhile and just stretch. Use your wall at home or in your office as support and do some crunches. This will help to condition your muscles during the day. It will feel great and help to ease the tension and knots that develop while being in a sitting position.




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