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    How water helps in healthy living

    Oct 16, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    If you are feeling edgy and are in constant search for something sweet, think about whether you drink enough water during the day.  Because, before mentioned symptoms , which you will probably attribute to some other cause, are a sign of a dehydrated organism that is trying to warn you that it is about time to drink some liquid, preferably water. And the question that is actual during the whole year, and not just during the summer, is how much of it should we drink.

    How much is not enough and what is too much, when and what to drink?

    The answer to what to drink is quite simple- water, plain water.

    But how much? We are not still completely certain about that. Although the majority of experts agree that it is optimal to drink about 2 liters of liquid a day (without food), that amount is increased during the summer.

    The last estimates suggest that women should drink around 2.7 liters daily, while man up to 3.7 liters.

    But you have probably found your own dosage, or so to say, noticed the warning signs if the situation was different.

    You know about the thirst because it is the most obvious alarm for lack of liquid, but there are more signals that alarm the body if it is lacking liquid.

    The thirst comes when it is already almost too late, but our organism has much more subtle alarms that warn us. Those are: headaches and nausea, tiredness, mood changes, muscle cramps, shivers, back and wrist pain, constipation, lack of concentration, dry skin and exaggerated wrinkles, dark color of urine, bad breath, and hunger for sweet…

    The foods that we take into our bodies cover only 1/5 of daily needs for liquid, and the rest is necessary to drink, and the best liquid for that is water.

    During the day the liquid is expelled by urinating, sweating, feaces and breathing also.

    We lose around 1.5 liters of water a day through urinating, and breathing and sweating takes additional 1 liter.

    If you don’t bring at least 2 liters of liquid into your organism daily, your organism enters the state of dehydration, exhausting it, which, in the end, leads to serious health problems.

    You can check whether you drink enough liquid or not by checking your urine- the frequency of urination and its color.

    A regular number of urination a day goes between 6 to 8 times, so a smaller number suggest a lack of liquid. In the case of dehydration the color is darker (something like honey) and more concentrated.

    When there s enough liquid in the organism, the urine is bright yellow, almost transparent


    But it does not apply if you take diet supplements in form of multivitamins of vitamin B category.  Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2 has the ability to change the urine color into a slightly brighter tone, so take care of your own entering of liquids.

    Since water is necessary for the normal functioning of metabolism, circulation, temperature regulation, toxin and waste removal, a lack of it creates long term damages.

    Experts around the world, focused on eating habits of children have come across some alarming information.

    Recent American study, done on the University of Harvard, showed that more than 50 percent of children were dehydrated. Boys wore in the worse condition than girls.

    Studies from before have alarmed the public with the information’s that in America, so much as ¼ of children never drink water but mostly soft drinks. They were focus on children between 2 and 17 year of age.

    Since boys do not have sufficiently developed mechanism of thirst it is necessary for parents to often remind them to drink something, and it is advisable that besides water, freshly squeezed fruit juice is the best.

    Older people should also drink more water, especially if ill in order for them to keep the organism safe from exhaustion.

    What is good is that water asks for more water.

    A lot of people are aware that they do not drink enough water but can’t make themselves drink more, since they don’t feel thirsty.

    The good news is that, besides it has good effect on organism, it has also the capability to cause thirst.

    So, the more you drink it, your body will want more.

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