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    How to Choose the Best Exercise Machine from the Popular

    Oct 11, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Want to start exercising is generally a challenge if you know you don’t have the willpower to do it on your own. Many persons have opted to join a gym as this is the only way they will be disciplined enough to accomplish their goal. Now, you have joined the gym; you get there and you see a sea of exercise machines that make you cringe.

    Your first thought is, which one will I be good at? For many new persons to the gym, using exercise machines it can be overwhelming. The thing to remember is; you are going to be there with an experienced fitness trainer, who will certainly help you in this regard.

    Any exercise machine you will be using is generally one you yourself feel comfortable in using. Exercise experts advise you will only accomplish your goals if you are comfortable with the exercise machine you envision using.


    Types of Exercise Machine to Consider

    The Treadmill

    The treadmill is a versatile exercise machine. It is able to keep you jogging, walking, trotting or running at any pace and at any incline. This may be a very good machine to choose as it will enable you to exercise at your own pace. Using the treadmill will have you burning a much as 100 calories just by having a brisk walk at any level. Although the treadmill is so versatile, you may want to consider the impact on ankles and knees for those who are overweight. Walking even at a moderate pace, you may experience some discomfort; hence, the treadmill may not be the ideal exercise machine for you.


    Stationary Bikes as a Choice

    The stationary bike is considered the best exercise machine to work out on. It will enable you to get a good workout with less stress on your knees and ankles. Your weight is not a factor, as you will be seated. Consideration must be taken, though, with how you are seated on the bike. Persons will just sit and begin riding, but experts suggest you have to ensure your bike is adjusted to fit you.

    The pedal must be adjusted so your feet are squarely placed and there is an angle of 5-10 degrees in how your knees bend to accommodate the sitting position. Bad sitting position on the stationary bike will cause soreness in the knees and ankles, so have the gym instructor adjust your position.


    There are many other exercise machines that you can choose from, there are:

    • Rowing Machines
    • Elliptical machines
    • Stair Steppers
    • Lat Pull Down
    • Chess Press


    Having these exercise machines at your disposal will help in your choosing. It is important to note, never use a machine because it was recommended by a friend or colleague. The exercise machine will work for them, but it may not for you. The machine may be excellent for getting the results you seek, but if you are not comfortable will using this particular machine, the results will not be had.

    If you have no idea which exercises machine is your fit, just try them all, with the help of the instructor, of course. This will help in discovering which machine is right. You will not get board, and whatever you have set as goals will be realised.

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