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    How to Maintain a flat Stomach

    Jul 15, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Many women have a problem with their tummy with majority of them looking for ways to minimize it. Big tummies are as a result of fat accumulating in the body and need to be reduced. There are ways you can reduce this big tummy or maintain a flat stomach to people who feel shy of their body and want to keep fit even without necessarily going for exercise. The following ways will help you to maintain a flat stomach and keep fit for the whole body.


    Always take the correct diet.One of the major ways to maintain a good body size is maintaining the right diet. Always ensure that you eat the right food that will not increase your body weight. Such food includes the already processed foods in the market which preservatives contain the additives that cause bloating. Bloating is one of the factors contributing to a big tummy. Also avoid the foods that contain a lot of fats which may accumulate in the body. It is also important to ensure that you eat food that is reach in fiber;this includes the vegetables and fruits which also contain high water level. The high water level in vegetables and fruits reduces bloating and the fiber content help in proper digestion and thus the tummy is reduced significantly.

    Avoid taking a lot of food at once; it is better to take small food several times. You can use the small plates that always gives an impression to the mind that you are taking a lot of food since the small plate appears a full. Taking a lot of food at once leads to indigestion leading to bloating and gas in the stomach. Also ensure that you chew the food properly before swallowing. This is common when people are in a hurry but failure to chew the food properly leads to indigestion since the food is not properly broken down.


    Always take enough water. Doctors have recommended at least eight glasses of water per day for every person. Enough water in the body not only hydrates you but it also helps to remove the in toxins in the body that are not wanted in the body. Research has also proved that enough water in the body helps to reduce the pounds of the body especially at the abdomen. It is also advisable to take water right before you take your meal but note that, do not take water immediately after meals instead weight for Ten- Fifteen minutes. However avoid taking too much water since it can cause bloating Avoid alcohol if you want to maintain a flat stomach


    Avoid taking a lot of sugars. Avoid taking drinks that contain a lot of sugars like packaged juice or the chewing gums but rather take the ones that have reduced sugar like dark chocolate or cakes among others which are less sweet.  Take the negative calories food and fruits that contains high water content, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s also advisable to increase the food intake of vitamin C, take a lot of proteins and avoid hard starchy foods. During your own free time you can take long walks to keep the body fit.

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