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    Benefits of regular exercise

    Jun 06, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Exercise often times is seen as the hardest thing that anyone can actually do and this is not withstanding the benefits that it is said to have by the many television adverts and by all the persons that live and breathe fitness. Just imagine walking a half mile to and from a specific point to a destination whether for business leisure or for simply exercise, the thought of it in the boiling sun may scare you half to death and you might think it impossible to even consider doing this but, just imagine if you knew all the hidden benefits that most persons did not even think were derived from doing regular exercise.

    Exercise has benefits that are tangible and can be seen as well as those that are not so tangible. The tangible benefits are often seen physically and are a part of the physical benefits. The physical benefits of exercise include; it burns stored fat, it tones the muscles in the back and abdomen, it strengthens your bones and it enhances the flexibility of your joints. Exercise often involves strenuous activity that are not with the faint hearted.

    It can have even more evident physical benefits based on the amount of work that is put into the routines that are done. In other words it can make you into a human weapon or it can make you the fastest and most flexible athlete there is or will ever be.
    Playing sports is also another way of deriving the many benefits of exercise. The benefit often seen here is social. Exercise through sports often brings the benefit of making lifelong friends and building relationships. Let us look at Mr. Usain Bolt the great Jamaican 100 and 200 metre world record holder  who has used exercise in the form of sports to bring about social relationships that bring him the fame that will last for generations that were all due to the hard work he put into the sport he participates, in which is his form of exercise.

    It brought him lifelong partnership in the form of friends and intimate relationships which now help to make him a better individual. It also has helped to boost his self-esteem and also can help him get the feel good effect. This is also bolstered by the mind-set that due to the physical work being done you look like a “work of art” which is to me the best part!

    Exercise also has mental benefits. Though often concluded as not being enjoyable it often can be as it stimulates the mind and can be enjoyable especially when it is in a form that the person or persons enjoy such as sports. It relieves tension, it relieves aggression, and it helps the persons in question to rest better, it even more so provides a challenge that can be benefiting to the body in the essence of time.  Exercise is the best every time.

    An active lifestyle gives a longer life one that is filled with happiness and makes one feel good and feel like they can conquer the world. It’s often unseen but the body grows stronger even sexually. It can also lend mental support in challenging situations due to the mental stimulation that makes it easier to think and act in challenging or not so challenging situations. The fact that exercise stimulates the whole body makes it even more befitting and as time passes it will payoff.

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