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    4 Healthy Pasta Noodle Alternatives

    May 16, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Pasta loving people beware: starchy, refined and processed white pasta is thing of the past. In the day and age where healthy food choices are the way of the future, it has become increasingly important to raise awareness of healthy substitutes people can replace in their diet instead of sticking to their old unhealthy carby ways.

    There are now such things as ‘healthy carbs’ where the health content of the carb you are eating has more of a nutritional value to it rather than just consuming plain old carbohydrates.

    Since majority of individuals loves pasta, here are some new guilt free ways to enjoy this frivolous dish with a simple substitute of your white pasta noodles:

    1.     Brown Rice Pasta
    ·      Brown rice pasta has very similar nutrient content as whole-wheat pasta but is made from brown rice, which is the perfect alternative for someone who is gluten-free. With a firm texture and a taste that is completely indistinguishable from white pasta noodles, this alternative is sure to be a crowd pleaser for those picky eaters in your life!

    2.     Quinoa pasta
    ·       Who knew there could be protein in pasta? All the way from South America, this grain is a magnificent source of protein that can be added to your diet without compromising taste. The corn-quinoablend helps the pasta stay firm, holding a shape comparable to regular white pasta. This can be added to your diet for immediate satisfaction!

    3.     Zucchini Noodles
    ·      Otherwise known as Zoodles, Zucchini noodles are the perfect way to trade out those starchy carbs for some much needed veggies – at only 20 calories per cup compared with 175 calories per cup for traditional spaghetti. Zoodles are known to have the same texture as traditional noodles, with the bold taste of Zucchini. Although you will need to invest in a spiral slicer to make the Zoodles, I guarantee this will become an instant staple on pasta night.

    4.     Black Bean Pasta
    ·      I will admit that at first I was skeptical of how this substitute would taste, but man oh man, from the first bite to the last it had me salivating for more. The taste is similar to regular wheat pasta, making it a flawless combination with the sauce of your choosing. The adder kicker to this alternative is that the nutritional content is almost unbelievable (no seriously I had to reread the label about five times until I realized this was reality). The brand I purchased (which I am sure all black bean pasta is the same) was organic and gluten free containing 25g of protein and 12g of fiber per 56g serving which helps to assist in digestion and keeping you fuller for longer.

    As each of these pasta alternatives brings something different to the table, it is recommended that you try each one out and find out which one works best for you. Now that you are fully armed with knowledge of these wonderful healthy pasta noodle alternatives, say your goodbye to unhealthy processed carbs and hello to the new and improved healthy carbs of today!


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