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    Unique Leg Exercises to Add to Your Workout

    May 15, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    It is easy for people to fall into the same workout routine that they repeat day after day. After a while, it becomes dull and tedious, and you begin to dread your workouts. To avoid this, try adding some of these unique exercises to your leg workouts to keep your routine interesting and fun.

    To do this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and jump into the air. As you come back into the ground, go straight into a squat position. Then, immediately jump straight back into the air. Repeat this jump and squat sequence several times (try 15-20 reps).
    This exercise builds your cardio system, endurance, and leg strength. This makes it a great exercise to add to your routine, since it builds different systems and muscles.
    Wall Squats
    If you’re looking to add some endurance-building exercises to your workout, try wall squats. Put your back against the wall and bend into a squat position, keeping your back on the wall at all times. Hold this position for as long as you would like; it is recommended that you do these exercises for at least 1-2 minutes to achieve the maximum effect, but you can hold them as long as you would like.

    Wall squats are the perfect exercise for anyone who wants to build up the endurance in their leg muscles. This exercise builds your endurance by challenging you to hold the squat position for extended periods of time, which makes your muscles more accustomed to endurance-building exercises.

    Lunges are a well-known exercise, but are commonly overlooked due to the popularity of squats and leg presses. To do lunges, stand with your feet shoulder width apart before stepping far in front of you with one leg only. Then bend down into a lunge position, while making sure that your knees are not extending farther than your toes. Repeat with the other leg. The amount you should do depends on what you are trying to achieve; if you want to build endurance, do a smaller amount of weight with a greater amount of reps. if you want to build strength, try doing more weight with a smaller amount of reps and sets.

    Front Squats
    While squats with the bar on your back are well-known, front squats are a less famous, but no less effective, exercise for those doing any kind of training. To do a front squat, get in to regular squat position with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, put the bar on the front side of your shoulders instead of the back. Hold the bar there with your hands crossed and do a normal squat.

    Ultimately, your legs are some of the most important muscles in your body. It is important to keep them strong and healthy, which you can do through a variety of exercises. To keep your workout interesting, try adding a variety of exercises, like those discussed in this article.



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