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    5 Health Benefits Of Exercise

    May 07, 2016 · by Peter O · no comments

    Physical activity or exercise is quite important for the health of any individual. The health benefits of regular exercises are a fact that has been tested and proven. Physical exercise is very beneficial to everyone; the is despite their gender and age. Exercise is a miracle worker when health issues come into play. It is known to reduce the chances of major illnesses and the risk of most chronic diseases such as cardiac attacks, diabetes. It lowers the chances of early mortality by significant levels.

    Other benefits attributed to physical exercise include improved self-esteem, improved sleep patterns, and the reduced risk of stress and anxiety.


    1. Weight Control

    The most evident and visible benefit of exercise is weight control. Regular exercise improves one’s weight; through it, one can ensure a balance in their Body Mass Index (BMI) and maintain it at levels that are considered healthy. By doing exercise, one is set to burn calories in the body, in weight control even simple exercise activities do help.

    2  Combating health issues and illnesses

    A sedentary lifestyle is prone to the risk of major diseases and medical condition. Watching TV, using a computer, playing computer games and others are part of sedentary behaviours that increase the risk to medical conditions. Some of the risk that exercise reduces includes heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and obesity. These have become very familiar due to the change of lifestyle as a result of technological advancements that have reduced the need for physical involvement.

    3 How to boost energy and mood

    Exercises, when regularly done, do improve one’s muscle strength and physical endurance. They also help in the cardiovascular operations and the intake of oxygen. Exercises increase the heart rate and ensure more absorption of oxygen into the system thereby raising energy levels. With high oxygen intake, various parts of the brain and induced and stimulated and indirectly or directly influence one’s mood.

    4 Exercise as fun

    Various physical activities can be fun for those involved. It can act as a time to be in the outdoor with family and friends or when unwinding from the busy work life. Besides, when in outdoor there is the intake of vitamin D that promotes one’s health.

    5 Improved sleep and relaxation

    General exercise activities can help one to improve their sleep patterns.  A simple exercise before sleep activates hormones in the brain that help. After an exercise event, one is guaranteed to relax better.


    There many other advantages of practices to the mental and physical well-being of individuals. Overall, the benefits are numerous and cannot be denied. It is quite important for one to indulge in regular exercise not only for their physical fitness but also for their health. The new advancements and innovations in technology are making it harder for people to do physical activity; less physical labour is required for many jobs. With increased number of diseases and medical conditions that are related to sedentary lifestyles, the need for physical activity cannot be more emphasised

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