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    The Art of Yoga

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    from the word yuj, a Sanskrit term for union between the soul and the spirit. The soul which is known to be the person or the individual’s consciousness and the spirit which is known to be a universal consciousness unite to create a complex practice. Yoga involves extreme meditation while physically performing various exercises. Meditation allows infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.

    Types  of yoga

    Gyan Yoga: It is a type of Yoga initiated by the Three Yogi Brothers to serve communities with real and authentic Yoga practice. Gyana is an Indian team for knowledge. Gyana Yoga is a type of Hot Yoga that ensures discovery of the spirit through insight, practice and knowledge. This is commonly known as the philosophical typpes of yoga

    Bhakti Yoga: Is a type of Hindu Yoga that cultivates love and devotion to God. This type of Yoga is purely motivated by sincere desire to please God and surrender one’s self to the holiness of God. Bhakti is a Sanskrit word for ‘worship God’. Bhakti Yoga practice will focus on concentrating the mind, emotions and senses on the Divine Being.

    Karma Yoga: Karma Yoga is a form of Yoga that is based on the Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism called the Bhagavad Gita. This scripture is a process that concentrates on achieving perfection in action. This art of Yoga basically consists of entirely selfless service. Ego is given up to sincerely serve God in everything. This form of Yoga is said to be the most effective way to be spiritual

    Raja Yoga: Raja Yoga is usually branded as the Royal Yoga. It is said to be a path to total mind control. Raja, as the meaning implies, is the best kind of Yoga. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Raja that means chief or best of its kind. It includes all types of Yoga and practices all principles of Yoga. It is said to be the Mental Yoga because of its emphasis on awareness of the person’s state of mind.

    Furthermore, as Raja Yoga includes all types of Yoga, it involves an eight-fold path to truly achieve the true nature of oneself which is Divine.

    1. Yamas: To abstain from harmful elements.
    2. Niyamas: To purely know the scriptures and surrender oneself to God with contentment.
    3. Asana: To steady a pose, posture or seat.
    4. Pranayama: To control necessary energy through breathing.
    5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses.
    6. Dharana: To fully concentrate.
    7. Dhyana: To completely meditate on focus on the divine.
    8. Samadhi: Enlightenment through union with the Divine.

    Yoga is a type of exercise that combines body and mind practice. It is a discipline to achieve peacefulness of the body and the mind to help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves flexibility of the body and the mind through series of exercises. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to reach emancipation or ultimate freedom from oneself. Yoga, nowadays, is a widely known exercise for the mind and body to reduce stress, improve posture and flexibility.

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