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    Mindful Living And Yoga

    May 01, 2015 · by Peter O · no comments

    Mindful living is when you live in such a way that you are paying attention to what is happening in the present. When you are involved in mindful living you are in touch with your inner feelings and you seek to be at peace with yourself despite the stresses of life that try to hinder you from feeling and being your best.

    When you practice mindful living you should do it in a quiet setting and you can also do this against the backdrop of soft subliminal music. Mindfulness is often used by psychologists on patients and yoga is an example of incorporating mindful living into your life since yoga promotes the same goals of this lifestyle.

    Study From University of Utah Regarding Mindfulness

    Last year researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study that showed how mindfulness helps people become more stable emotionally and they have better control of their behaviors and moods. Here is the link to the article on the study, http://unews.utah.edu/news_releases/better-living-through-mindfulness/. 38 people were chosen to participate in the study and they ranged from ages 20 to 45. The participants received a cardiac monitor and were asked several questions regarding their emotional health. Those who practiced mindfulness fared better in the study than those who did not practice it.

    U.S. Marines Looking to Mindfulness Training

    Recently the U.S. Marines decided to incorporate mindfulness training as a way to strengthen the emotional stamina of its’ soldiers. Included in the training are yoga exercises that are rooted in the foundations of mindfulness. Officials with the Marine Corps stated that they would create mindfulness courses to see if positive results occur from the courses.

    Mindful Eating

    Another aspect of mindful living is mindful eating and this means that you’re eating attentively and that you’re taking time to enjoy your meal. When you’re involved in mindful eating you’re eating in a way where you are in tune with all five senses. If you go on a yoga retreat where the focus is on mindfulness, you will likely have a session that deals with mindful eating.

    Tips on Mindful Living

    The best thing you can do for better mindful living is to always accept the moment you’re in now and not worry about what will happen to you in the future. Take time to enjoy the present and don’t dwell too heavily on the mistakes you made in the past. Another aspect of mindful living is being yourself. Never change who you are in order to be what someone wants you to be.


    Mindful living and yoga are interconnected and they assist you in relieving stress and even losing weight. Most cities have yoga retreat centers so if you need a different way to look at life permanently, you should adopt a lifestyle of mindfulness everyday.

    When you practice mindfulness you’re able to show more compassion to others and you’ll have a more positive attitude despite the problems in your life. Schools, government agencies, the military and even workplaces have incorporated mindfulness training and this shows that mindful living is soaring in popularity all over the United States and throughout the world.



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