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    Who Says Yoga And Strength Training Cant Complement Each Other?

    Oct 19, 2014 · by Peter O · no comments

    Yoga and strength training go well together for several reasons. When you do yoga you’re increasing the flexibility in your body and when you’re doing strength training you build muscle mass, which is helpful in losing weight and boosting metabolism.

    A combined fitness routine of yoga and strength training is also helpful in promoting physical endurance and speed during exercises. With yoga and strength training you’re able to exercise your body and mind simultaneously. Finally, combined yoga and strength training workouts relieve stress.

    Tips on Doing A Combined Yoga And Strength Training Routine

    When you’re doing yoga and strength training, do so in a way that these routines will work together to strengthen the body. Strength training often involves weight lifting, using free weights, doing squats, doing pushups and leg lifts.

    After you do these workouts you can incorporate a few yoga stretches to cool down and elongate the muscles. Purchase some videos or look at free online videos that blend yoga with strength training.

    Yoga Improves Your Breathing for Strength Training

    When you’re doing breathing exercises in yoga, you boost oxygen and circulation through the body and this makes for more effective strength training.

    When this happens you will not burn out quickly during your workouts and you’ll have adequate energy.

    You Have Better Posture With Combined Yoga And Strength Training

    Another benefit of combining yoga with strength training is that your posture improves. Poor posture could lead to back pain, spinal curvature and in some cases scoliosis or osteoporosis.

    When you do yoga poses in particular, you align your spine in such a way that it makes your posture better. This routine also decreases workout injuries due to poor posture.

    Combining Running With Yoga

    Running is a form of strength training and when combined with yoga, your health improves in different ways. Your alertness improves and you’re able to breathe better as you exercise.

    When you run and do yoga exercises you develop better core strength in your muscles and you improve your stamina and heart muscles. It helps to do some stretches and warmups before you start the exercise routine.

    Yoga And Strength Training Improves Bone Density

    Bone density is defined as the level of strength in your bones and as you get older you lose much of the density. This is because you absorb less calcium in the body as you age and for women who experience menopause they lose bone density because there is less estrogen production due to hormonal imbalances. By doing regular yoga and strength training exercises you can build better bone density.

     Strength Training Exercises for Women

    Squats are excellent for strength training and to do them you want to stand with your feet a few inches apart from each other. Put your back in a high posture and place your hands on the sides.

    Slowly bend your knees then raise the knees back up to where you’re in a standing position. Repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times. Lunges also work for strength training and to do these you would stand with your feet apart while moving one of your legs in a forward position. Repeat with the other leg and do this exercise five to ten times.


    While you’ll benefit from doing yoga and strength training separately, you’ll benefit even more when you combine these workouts. You should do this workout three to four times a week for the best results and you want to consume healthy foods for better health.

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